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3 Self-Care Treats To Help You Relax, Reset and Feel Pampered

After a long week, a stressful day at work or just too long a stretch of time without self-care, taking some time off to treat yourself could be just the thing to help you feel refreshed. Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be a rare luxury – there are several little treats that can help you reset and feel truly pampered on a regular basis. These treats can be quick, easy to fit into your schedule and potentially more relaxing than you might think! Here are some top options to try out during your me-time.

1. Visit a Local Spa for Some High-End Beauty Treatments

It’s never a bad time for a trip to the spa! If you haven’t visited your local spa in a while, treat yourself to a quick beauty treatment once in a while. You could even make a routine of it with your friends! For more adventurous spa-goers, consider trying out high-end treatments like those offered at a laser hair removal spa Manhattan.

2. Enjoy an Aromatherapeutic Bath Complete With Bubbles and a Good Book

If it’s been some time since you curled up with a good book, why not take your pleasure reading to the next level by combining it with a hot, soothing bath? Baths are great for relaxing not only because of their comfortable warmth but because they make an ideal vessel for aromatherapy. Try shopping for scented bath salts or bath bombs that can help you create a spa-like feeling in your own bathroom.

3. Practice Daily Self-Awareness and Take Time for Meditation

You don’t need to dedicate several hours to your self-care time – just fifteen minutes in the morning could be enough! Many proponents of meditation, for instance, have found that taking a few minutes at the start of the day to quietly meditate, reflect and prepare for the day ahead helps to create a healthy, calm mindset. Try practicing self-awareness daily and setting aside chunks of quiet time for yourself.

Going too long without proper self-care time can lead to both physical and mental stress. To help yourself unwind and let yourself feel pampered, consider working these little self-care treats into your routine. Whether you love going to the spa, reading a good book in a hot bath or just taking a few minutes to meditate in the morning, working self-care into your day is sure to improve your overall quality of life.

Government and Law

The Complex Realm of Celebrities and Lawsuits

Celebrities have their images, actions, lifestyles, and personalities displayed for the public in a wide variety of venues, from printed newspapers to internet stories to private individual blogs. The interaction between celebrities and the public can become difficult at times. Lawsuits involving actions of high-profile people, published information, or even careless statements, can yield a host of problems for all parties in the world of libel.

Celebrities as Defendants

Well-known people, whether musicians, actors, or athletes, have been named in many types of legal suits.

  • Robert Blake was put on trial for the 2001 solicited murder of his wife. Blake was acquitted of the murder but lost a civil lawsuit and was ordered to pay millions in damages.
  • O.J. Simpson had a dramatic legal saga, facing trial for armed robbery and kidnapping for a 2007 hotel room break-in. The incident involved memorabilia from his athletic career being sold by two collectors. Simpson had gone on trial for the 1994 stabbing murders of his estranged wife and her friend. He was acquitted in 1995. In a civil lawsuit, the families were awarded millions of dollars. Simpson moved to Florida, where assets cannot be seized to pay legal judgments.
  • Kobe Bryant went on trial for felony sexual assault after a young woman came forward. Bryant claimed their sexual encounter was consensual. The case was dismissed when the woman refused to testify. She filed a civil suit, which was settled out of court. Bryant denied the accusations but apologized to the accuser, his family, and the public.

While having a high-profile career does not automatically mean one will have legal problems, the chances are higher for celebrities to be involved in a variety of disputes and litigation. Certainly, also, there is deep psychology involved in being a well-known individual as well as for those who put particular individuals up on pedestals.

Celebrities as Plaintiffs

Sometimes celebrities are the ones who initiate lawsuits. Consider the case of Robin Williams, who sued a look-alike posing as him to steal money from charities. Michael Jackson was on both sides of the courtroom as defendant and plaintiff. His attorney, John Branca, found the intricacies of litigation involving his client to continue even after Jackson died.

High-Profile Litigation

Whether celebrities file litigation or have it brought against them, legal proceedings will be extensive — and some would say exhaustively — covered. The complex world of celebrity lawsuits and libel cases seems to fascinate many, and this arena will continue to be active and complicated as news coverage evolves based on technology.

Home & Family

4 of the Latest Exterior Home Trends

When you park in front of your home after a long day, you should feel relieved and relaxed. Your home is your sanctuary. However, if looking at the exterior of your house just makes you want to move, then it may be time for some renovations. Exterior renovations are tricky. You must walk the thin line between being trendy and classic. Exterior renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. You don’t want to do it often. So, stick to trends that will stand the test of time.

Add Doors and Windows

Bringing more light into a space is never going to be a bad idea unless you are building a home theater room. It will also revive the exterior of your home. Think of symmetry when deciding where to add windows and patio doors Monmouth County NJ. The front of your home should feel balanced from left to right and top to bottom. For some homes, this may be easy. For modern homes with varied rooflines, it is more difficult. Remember, it doesn’t have to match, it just needs to be balanced. You can balance sliding glass doors on one side of the home with floor-to-ceiling windows on the other. Let the home’s architecture guide you.

Paint With Dark Colors

This could be considered a fad if it didn’t keep coming back into style. Some houses look amazing painted dark colors, but this is a bold choice that you shouldn’t take lightly. Instead, consider using dark paint to set off parts of your home. Start small. Dark grey or black accents give contrast and depth to a design. You could paint a bump-out or peak of your home. Little nooks or porches can be painted a dark color to set them apart and add warmth. Paint underneath the porch roof a dark color to show off your designing skills.

Replace Curved Lines

Arched doorways and windows used to be very on trend, but these features are now showing their age. Get rid of curved architectural details to instantly modernize your home. By squaring off arched doorways you’ll gain space and light, which is always an improvement. Straight lines will never go out of style.

Update Garage Doors

Garage doors come with a variety of architectural details that can match your style and add instant curb appeal to your home. Update the windows and hardware on the door to give your garage a facelift. Make garage doors pop with a contrasting paint color and light fixtures on both sides. Garage doors take up a lot of square footage, so don’t leave them out when updating the exterior of your home.


Starting a School

Schools are a major part of society. Every child must be taught, and most will attend some type of school. Many desire to put their children in a place where there are other students and activities for them to enjoy. Schools are continuously being built because of the number of students there are. If you are thinking about starting one, here are some things you should know.


When you are starting a school, you will need to decide what each room will be used for. You may have to wait until you get a final count of students, so you can give bigger classrooms to the large grade groups. It can also be beneficial to have a supply room where teachers and workers can go to find classroom needs. A maintenance closet will help keep cleaning supplies in one, concentrated location as well.


Multiple situations can occur while in school. Although you hope and pray nothing ever happens, you still need to be prepared for them just in case. You should have an established threat reporting system the entire school is familiar with. Have emergency drills throughout the school year so everyone knows what needs to be done in those possible situations. Try to calmly explain what could happen to the student body, but do not overwhelm or scare them. You are trying to show them the importance of practicing drills.  


Before the school year starts, you should make up a schedule of events. This includes class times, sports games, programs, and other school activities. It is important to give teachers, students and parents a heads up before the year begins. Sometimes things will come up that certain plans may have to be canceled but have a system in place for letting everyone know. You may also want to add things to the schedule but outlining a majority of events from the start will help keep everyone informed of what is happening.

Starting a school can be a lot of work, but it is something that will always be needed. Everyone needs to be taught.

Government and Law

What You Need to Know About the Bail Process

If you know someone who has been arrested, you might be looking to bail them out of jail. But the process can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it. Do you actually have to pay to free them? Will you ever get your money back? Here’s a helpful rundown of the methods by which you can post bail.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are provided by an insurance company through an agent known as a bail bondsman. They secure the release of the defendant pending trial. With iredell county bail bonds, there’s usually a charge of 10 percent of the amount of the bond and often the defendant must put up collateral such as a mortgage on a house. When the court case ends (regardless of verdict), the bail bond is “exonerated” and returned to the insurance company. The only way a full bail would have to be paid is if the person who has been bailed out disappears and never shows up in court (aka “jumps bail”).

Property Bonds

If you lack the resources for a bail bondsman, pledging property as collateral may be an option. State laws vary, but in most cases the value of the property must be double the bond. However, because property bonds must include an application, a promissory note, a current appraisal and other documents, the process of having one posted can be lengthy. As with any bond, if the defendant fails to appear, the property will be considered forfeited.

Cash Bail

If you do have enough funds to pay a bail amount, you can simply bring it to the jail to secure the defendant’s release. Cash bail is fully refundable to the person who posts it, less administrative fees, at the end of the court case. However, it can often take a few months for the money to be returned.

Few things are more unsettling than seeing someone you know make a mistake that lands them in jail. Bailing them out is often the first step in setting that person on the right path.

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Neighborhoods to Consider in California

Are you looking for San Diego CA real estate & homes for sale, or considering moving to Oakland, California? The latter may be just the ticket for those who like to be near San Francisco, but not in that busy city of nearly 900,000. Oakland, by contrast, has about half the population of San Francisco and is just a short 18-minute commute across the Bay Bridge. Oakland real estate and rentals are cheaper by comparison and the neighborhoods are just as varied and interesting.

Lake Merritt

The Lake Merritt neighborhood is filled with families, professionals, and outdoorsy types who love to take advantage of the 3-miles of hiking and jogging tracks around the lake. There are shops, museums, food trucks, funky murals and restaurants to attract a very diverse set of residents. Rental units tend to be pet friendly because lots of people own dogs.


Across the lake is the conveniently located historic community of Lakeside. It is close to everything and very pedestrian and dog friendly. If you’re looking for large apartments Lakeside community Oakland CA, this is the place to be. Rated as safe and close to the freeway access, it really does offer the best of all worlds.  

Jack London Square

This busy district sits near the Port of Oakland, so there is always something to see and do. You and your busy professional neighbors can even catch a ferry to San Francisco if you don’t want to drive across the Bay Bridge. There is a great nightlife and arts scene here and several wineries to boot. If you like Bay views, consider moving here.

The Oakland area is a busy, vibrant, diverse community welcoming to those who like fine food, outdoor activities, the arts and dogs. It is a short commute to San Francisco via the bridge, public transportation, or the ferry and offers a better price point for renters. There are numerous eclectic neighborhoods awaiting your inspection.

Home & Family

3 Ways to Help Boost Your Preschooler’s Learning

Watching your child grow from a toddler to an active and bubbly preschooler can be an exciting time. This can be the perfect time to teach your preschooler the basics of reading, writing, and math. Below are three ways to help your preschooler get a head start.  

1. Read to them

It’s been known for years that reading to your child from birth on, is beneficial in many ways. It can help early on with reading comprehension. It can even help them gain skills when it comes to writing. When they’re a little older, see if your child can tell you a story or relate a story to you, that you’ve read to them in the past. Fun characters and stories can be a great way to engage your child in learning.

2. Attend Pre-School

If there are pre-schools available in your area, you may want to see what programs they have to offer. Attending pre k Lexington MA can help to prepare your child for what it will be like when they go to Kindergarten. Many pre-schools teach the basics of reading, writing, and numbers, so your child can be one step ahead when they go to Kindergarten.

3. Make Everyday Activities Educational

Making a simple trip to the grocery store can be an educational one for your preschooler. Have them count the fruits and vegetables as they put them in the bag. See if they can read the weight on the scale as you weigh what they just chose. Taking a walk can be full of educational moments. Educate your child by identifying different plants, trees, animals and birds that you may see along your walk.

There are many ways to prepare your child for the big wide world. Whether you enroll them in pre-school or take on the role of an educator at home, your child can learn so much and thrive as they grow.

Health & Wellness

What You Need to Know About Migraines

Plenty of commercials showcase treatment options for those suffering from migraines. But how do you know if you have had one or currently are experiencing them? Here is what you need to know. Once you know what to look for, you can seek treatment for you or suffering loved one.

Migraine Basics

You need to know what a migraine is before seeking migraine treatment Jacksonville FL. Essentially, these powerful headaches can hang around for as little as four hours or longer than three days. Sufferers often experience sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting along with head pain. Women are three times more likely to experience them than men with the onset as young as 10. By the age of 50, most women experience relief from migraines. For those experiencing migraines, they can happen multiple times a month or only a few times a year.

Common Triggers

While the cause of migraines is unknown, there are a few things that can trigger them. Keep in mind that some triggers may actually be hereditary. Skipping meals, foods, weather changes, stress, exhaustion, caffeine, sleep changes and menstruation are the most common triggers for migraines. Other items such as certain smells can also trigger a migraine.

Typical Symptoms

Most people who experience migraines suffer from more than one symptom. In addition to those listed above, you may experience loss of appetite, fatigue, blurred vision, sensitivity to noise, pale skin, sensitivity to smells, diarrhea and being very cold or warm. In rare cases, you may experience a fever. Some may experience an aura such as temporary vision loss that starts an hour before the pain begins.

Treatment Options

The good news is there are treatment options for migraine sufferers. Over-the-counter pain relief medications are available and work on many people. For chronic sufferers, these options may no longer provide relief. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, preventive medicines and biofeedback may provide relief depending on the types of migraines one suffers. Talking with your medical provider can help you find the best options for you.