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What Is a Security Entrance System?

The term security entrance refers to a system that opens the doors to your property. This system can be of several types, such as critical card access control systems, remote access systems, intercom entry systems, and Protogetic security systems or cloud-based systems. The key to choosing a system is to research the features and benefits of each type to ensure you select the right one for your property. You can learn more about the various systems by reading our articles.

Key card access control systems

Security entrance systems require a security system for your commercial property. They can help you save money by eliminating lost keys. This guide will help you decide whether keycard access is right for your business.

The cost of installing a key card access control system for your security entrance systems depends on the number of readers, hardware, and credentials you’ll need. While key card door access readers can save you money, their installation costs can reach several thousand dollars. The prices will also vary depending on the type of reader you buy and whether you have existing wiring. But even with additional costs, key card door access systems are still a good investment.

Remote access systems

Remote access systems for security entrance systems are often integrated with existing security protocols or operate independently. Allied Universal recommends remotely installing a Site-Control system to handle card access, visitor entry, parking control, security cameras, and fire detection. These systems are available online and can be controlled remotely from anywhere. You can easily monitor and manage your security entrance system from your office. If you’re planning on integrating a remote access system with your security entrance systems, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, cloud-based access control systems are the next generation of security entrance systems. Cloud-based access control systems are operated via a cloud server, removing the need for an on-site server. The field panels communicate with the service provider’s server through the internet. You can manage your system through a web browser interface or have the service provider handle it for you. You can also have your security coordinator contact the service provider whenever you need to make a programming change.

Intercom entry systems

Intercom entry systems are ideal for communicating with people who visit your security entrances. These systems offer reliable communication and a variety of valuable features. They are available for all types of businesses. 

Most security entrance systems feature video capabilities to provide extra layers of security. For example, many video intercoms offer hands-free voice activation for visitors. Others feature live video available to the occupant. More sophisticated systems can integrate with artificial intelligence technologies to automatically route calls based on visitor response and entry schedules. You’ll also enjoy greater convenience and security with video intercoms. These systems are ideal for businesses that need to monitor safety at entryways and require a higher level of protection.

Cloud-based systems

One of the benefits of cloud-based security entrance systems is their scalability. Instead of purchasing expensive IT equipment, installing and maintaining hardware, or paying monthly fees for software upgrades, businesses can use a web-based solution to manage their security entrance system needs. A cloud-based solution allows companies to have access to all their facilities from one interface, and they can also add as many mobile credentials as they like.

Traditionally, security entrance systems were operated on a physical computer. However, cloud-based access control has opened up new security and access control possibilities. Security dealers and monitoring companies can now provide secure solutions to their customers for a fraction of the cost. By moving their door access control systems to the cloud, they can boost their efficiency and security while becoming more competitive. But what are the benefits of moving security entrance systems to the cloud?