3 Ways to Accessorize Your Outfits

Looking for different ways to dress up your current outfit? It doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to wear accessories, especially when shopping with brands like Shein. Here are some ideas to get you started. If you know how to wear them, your accessories can make any old outfit look brand new. 

1. Wear Jewelry in Any Way You Want

Do you have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings that you enjoy wearing? What if you mixed them up and started wearing them together in different ways? Try playing around with your jewelry to see if you can get a different look. Anything goes these days, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces to see what type of results you can get. Hippie and boho fashion are trendy these days, so even if you have handmade jewelry or pieces that you would consider different, they can still be instrumental in putting together the perfect outfit. 

2. Consider a Belt for a Certain Look

Maybe you want to look fashionable and hip, with a slim-cut belt. Or, perhaps you would rather wear something bigger and accessorize your favorite pair of jeans, with country girl belts. Different belts can change your outfits and make them look different, so play around and see what type of look you would enjoy wearing. You can even have belts engraved, making them personal to you, and completing the overall style you are going for. 

3. Change Up Your Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Play around with different styles of shoes until you find ones that work for your outfit and needs. You might enjoy cowgirl boots when you go country line dancing, but find gym shoes easier when taking your children out to the playground. It’s usually helpful to have several pairs of shoes depending on your needs, what kind of job you have, and what you do on a daily basis. 

Accessories can easily change up an outfit and make it look brand new, depending on how you want to look on any given day. You can use jewelry to make old outfits feel new, get a belt if you want to change the style of your outfit, or even change up your shoes. Having several different accessories, such as a variety of necklaces or belts, can help you maximize your options for the way your clothing looks, even if you only have a few basic pieces. 


An Overview of Hotel Lobby Art

The lobby is a virtual space of circulation and transition, a temporal sanctuary, and the anti-room. The lobby’s art has a multifaceted history and continues to challenge the definition of its function. Two contemporary artists explore this theme with distinct visions. Tim Bennett, a former stonemason and cook works in London and Munich. Peter Joslyn, a baroque tattoo artist, was born in Switzerland but moved to England in 1999.

Installation of artwork in the hotel lobby

While most people associate art in hotels with a sense of aesthetic appeal, there is more to the request of hotel lobby art than aesthetics. Art can affect the mood of hotel guests. Studies show that hotel art improves the guest experience and increases satisfaction rates. Hotel art consultants can help hotel owners choose artwork to add to the lobby. The following are some tips when installing artwork in the hotel lobby. Let’s look at them one by one.

In addition to permanent art pieces, hotels also incorporate changing exhibits. One such project is “The Great Wall,” a giant digital art installation consisting of 21 constantly changing pieces. The project was undertaken in partnership with Harmonic Laboratory, an award-winning Eugene art collective. In addition to student works, the exhibition also features more than 160 pieces from 84 local artists. One hotel’s employees created 75 pieces as part of the project.

Designing a hotel lobby

Designing a hotel lobby requires a clear understanding of the brand, audience, and property. Depending on the size of the lobby, colors and art will vary. For a spacious lobby, bold colors can be used without overwhelming the guests. However, consider calming colors and mirrors to avoid overcrowding if your lobby is small. This article will explain some of the most common mistakes when designing a hotel lobby.

The color palette of your hotel lobby should be inviting and warm. Choose colors that will tie into the furniture, artwork, and decor of the hotel. Soft neutrals like beige, brown, or cream go well with most decors. Soft colors like these help guests feel welcomed. To get the best effect, choose a soft color palette to accent dark furniture. Incorporate a light color on the walls and ceilings of the lobby.

Choosing artwork for your hotel lobby

While selecting artwork for your hotel lobby, you need to consider what kind of aesthetic your establishment wishes to create. While you don’t want to put your guests off, it is important that the piece compliments the design theme and doesn’t detract from the decor. Depending on the style of your hotel, you can choose a piece that tells a story and enhances the ambiance. Artwork in the hotel lobby is an excellent way to increase guest satisfaction.

Fortunately, digital printing and photography have made it easier to choose artwork for your hotel lobby than ever before. With so many options, there’s no need to settle for a mass-produced poster or flip through a hefty catalog. Instead, selecting contemporary artwork from artists like Smart Art Inc. will make your hotel lobby look fresh and inviting. 

Choosing a focal point for your hotel lobby

Using a central hub in your hotel lobby creates a great focal point. You can use fun artwork and furniture to make this area a place for guests to gather. For an even more modern look, consider furniture with an upbeat design that appeals to your target customer. One option is to install SmartRocks. These seating options are both comfortable and stylish. They can serve a dual purpose of providing a cozy spot for guests to wait for their rooms and also act as a focal point in your lobby.

The most successful lobby design will be part of the overall philosophy and design of the property. For example, a Koncept Hotel’s lobby design reflects the brand’s ethos. It embraces cutting-edge technology and a digital experience, and some of its properties are entirely staff-free. The recent pandemic temporarily halted the trend of communal spaces. But now, with the advent of vaccines, optimism is returning to travel and hospitality.

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What Are the Types of Bail Bonds?

If you’re looking for a quick way out of jail, you may be wondering: what are the different types of bail bonds? Here are a few examples: cash bail, unsecured appearance bond, partially secured surety bond, and immigration bonds. Knowing which one is right for your case is essential. Read on to learn more about these bonds and their different benefits. Also, learn how to spot a fake bail bond and get a better rate.

Cash bail

To be free from jail without putting your property at risk, you should consider a cash bail bond. If you do not have any liquid money, this option is excellent. Cash bail funds are intended to be returned once the person has completed all court appearances. However, if the person fails to show up for court, the court can delay the return of the money. Generally, unreturned bail funds are deposited with the State Comptroller’s Office after three years.

Cash bail bonds Lancaster County, PA, are bond payments that can be made online. You can make a payment through the NYC Department of Corrections website. You must have a credit card to pay the cash bond. Moreover, you will need to enter the person’s name and NYSID. Make sure to enter the correct name and NYSID before you submit payment. Once you have submitted the payment, you will receive an email confirmation from the court.

Unsecured appearance bond

An unsecured appearance bond is a type of bail that requires only the promise of the defendant to appear in court and pay a certain amount of money if the accused does not occur. An unsecured appearance bond is usually used in cases where there is little chance that the accused will not appear in court. This type of bail is an alternative to the personal recognizance bond. Understanding the difference between a secured and an unsecured appearance bond is essential.

The term “appearance bond” describes a bail bond paid to a court to release a defendant from custody. In contrast, an unsecured appearance bond does not require payment and is similar to a release on your recognizance, where the defendant signs an agreement with a court clerk to appear in court. This bond is an excellent way for people who do not have a lot of money to pay for bail.

Partially secured surety bond.

A partially secured surety bond is one where the defendant posts cash or property to post the bond. This deposit must be at least 10 percent of the bail amount. If the defendant fails to appear for their court date, the court will ask the defendant to post the total bond amount. Partially secured surety bonds are similar to unsecured ones, except that the defendant posts cash or property rather than posting the bond with a third party.

When an individual files for a criminal case, they often apply for a partially secured surety bond. In these cases, the defendant pays a 10% deposit to the court in exchange for a bond. The money is not lost since the deposit is refundable if the person can appear on time. This practice is entirely legal and avoids the need for nonrefundable fees. It also allows the bail bond industry to profit from families purchasing their loved one’s freedom.

Immigration bond

An immigration bond is a form of security that guarantees that a person will attend upcoming court hearings. The immigration judge will consider an immigrant’s criminal record and family ties to the US, employment history, financial resources, and length of stay in the country. They will also consider if the immigrant poses a threat to national security. Immigration bond hearings vary greatly depending on the case and immigration laws.

An immigration bond is similar to bail in criminal cases. It is money paid by a non-citizen to ensure that the alien will appear at hearings. The amount of the immigration bond is discretionary. It is based on the detainee’s ties to the community, reasons for being deported, and whether he or his family can afford to pay it. The government can take the money back if the immigrant fails to attend court hearings. A mistake in handling an immigration bond can lead to negative consequences.

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What is the Lifeline Discount Program, and How do you apply for it?

To apply for Lifeline, you must show proof of income below the guidelines. You must also participate in a program that qualifies for a discount. Your state government must verify your information. Making false statements can result in de-enrollment, fines, and imprisonment. You will be barred from the Lifeline program if found guilty.

It is a federal program.

Known as Lifeline, this federal program provides lower-cost phone and internet service to low-income consumers. It is funded by the Universal Service Fund and is available to low-income consumers in every state and territory. However, the FCC has flagged some carriers for abusing the program by enrolling duplicate or non-existent subscribers and submitting claims for individuals who did not use the service.

The lifeline discount program is an essential resource for low and moderate-income households. Access to free or inexpensive internet allows low-income families to stay connected, learn new skills, and earn income. Many government-sponsored programs offer free or low-cost internet access to qualifying households. In addition, many companies provide low-cost home internet plans that qualified families can access for a few dollars per month.

A petition to delay the Dec. 1 increase in Lifeline-supported service minimum standards has been filed by the CTIA, and the comment period for that petition closed last week. Fraud in the Lifeline program has been a problem for years. In 2012, significant carriers lost many Lifeline subscribers when stricter policies were implemented.

It is a one-time benefit.

The Lifeline Discount Program is a program that offers a one-time discount on monthly telephone service. The value is currently $9.25 per month, but it is important to note that you can only qualify for one Lifeline discount per household. You may be eligible for both wireline and wireless phone service, but you can only receive a discount on one. You also can’t get both wireline and wireless service simultaneously. You can only receive a Lifeline discount if you live in a household defined as an “economic unit.” A household is defined as a group of adults who share a living space, such as a house or apartment, and includes all the adults who contribute to a household’s expenses.

To qualify for the Lifeline discount, you must provide proof of income. In addition, you must be enrolled in an eligible program or earn less than the minimum amount. Your eligibility is verified in a state government database if you don’t meet the guidelines. False statements may result in de-enrollment, fines, and jail time. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your application, you may wish to reconsider your eligibility for the program.

It is non-transferable

The Lifeline Discount Program is a government assistance program. It is non-transferable and may only be used by one household at a time. While the Lifeline discount may be called other names, it is not transferable. Applicants must follow all federal requirements and restrictions. Information about eligibility and rates can be found on the websites of local telecommunications companies.

To qualify for the Lifeline discount, customers must provide proof of eligibility. They must show that they are low-income, participate in an eligible program. This information is verified in the state’s database to ensure eligibility. Customers who willfully lie about their income or enrollment in the program may be de-enrolled, fined, or even imprisoned. In addition, they may also be barred from the program altogether.

It is non-refundable

If you have a lifeline discount plan with Lifeline in California, you can receive a discount on your phone bill. You must complete a form and provide all requested documentation before your Lifeline discount will take effect. Suppose you do not use your discounted phone service.To qualify for a Lifeline discount, customers must be a resident of California or a household in the state.

You can get a prepaid cell phone if you do not wish to use your LifeLine phone. Your participation in the LifeLine discount program will begin when the LifeLine Administrator notifies your cell phone service company that you are eligible for a discount. Once the discount program is activated, you can make calls using the handset provided by your cell phone service provider. However, this discount is non-refundable, so if you need to cancel your phone plan, you should consider alternative methods of communication.

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3 Reasons You May Need a Background Check of Your Driving Record

There are several types of background checks that may be performed for a variety of reasons. One of them is a background check of a person’s driving record. Here are three reasons you may need a background check of your driving record.

1. As Part of an Offer of Employment

Some jobs may necessitate the collection of a driving record background check as part of an offer of employment. For the most part, it is only done when a position requires an employee to operate a vehicle of some kind. The employer needs to be certain of the applicant’s driving record, including his or her license, registration and any tickets or traffic incidents he or she has been involved in.

2. In Relation to Law Enforcement

Background checks for driving records are also commonly utilized in relation to law enforcement and court proceedings. The police often perform this type of background check when they pull over drivers for suspected speeding or driving under the influence, among other things. They may also do so when they suspect vehicular theft of some kind. Attorneys and other legal workers will access these records for research and review purposes.

3. For Insurance Purposes

Automobile insurance providers tend to request the driving records of those who wish to open insurance policies. This is common because it’s one of the ways insurance agents determine risk and the price of premiums. The cleaner your driving record, the lower your insurance premium will be. Your record will also be updated each time you get a ticket or are involved in a traffic collision. Your premium may increase if you get points on your license or when you file a claim.

Driving record background checks, like other types of background checks, can be requested for several reasons. Remember, only those with authorization and permission can access these records. They also need your consent before doing so.

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Choosing a Musical Instrument for Kids

If your child is expressing interest in learning to play a musical instrument, there is a wide range of options for him or her to pursue. Below you can read about some of the most and least popular instrument choices.

A great place to start when helping your child discover their musical interests is to look for local music classes Rockford IL. Taking a few music lessons will help your child decide if they want to pursue that instrument or perhaps look at other options. 


The piano is by far one of the most popular and versatile instruments as part of both the percussion and string family.

As your child begins learning the piano, they may find themselves needing to spend extra time studying the keys. With 88 keys on a standard piano, learning the sounds of the 7 and 1/4 octaves of notes s not an easy feat. As a beginner, your child will likely begin learning on a smaller scale and progress to the full piano in later years. 

Electric Guitar

If your child expresses interest in playing the guitar, starting with the electric guitar is a great choice. The electric guitar offers a slimmer neck and thinner cords than a standard acoustic guitar, which benefits children because it is easier for them to grip the instrument and strum the cords. 

While your child may start on the electric guitar, the great news is that once they learn to play one type of guitar they can play all others as well. 

Uncommon Instruments

If your child is interested in picking a unique musical instrument to play, consider options such as the harp, oboe or viola. Choosing to learn an instrument such as these will give your child the opportunity to stand apart from peers.

No matter what instrument your child wants to pursue, the art of learning to play a musical instrument is sure to teach patience and perseverance in the process. 


What You Should Know About Starting a Golf Course

Starting your own golf course can be an expensive proposition. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get into the game without spending thousands of dollars and a decade or more getting experience. If you’re willing to learn as you go and follow a few easy steps, you can start a golf course on the cheap and give it a go yourself.


The first step on your journey to start a golf course is to get an idea of the demand for one in your area. If you live in a city, you’re likely to face a high demand for golf courses. People will want to play close to home, and you may see demand for public, semi-private, or private courses, depending on the area. If you live in an area with little or no golf activity, you might want to consider starting a country club instead.


Once you understand the demand for golf in your area, you can move on to some more in-depth research. This will help you identify and select the best location for your course, as well as help you determine final course requirements. You’ll want to take several things into account when researching the location, including proximity to population centers, access to utilities, and space for parking and other infrastructure. You’ll also want to keep local rules and regulations in mind, especially if you’re running a public course.


Superintendents are the backbone of the golf industry, operating as the chief legal officers for golf courses. In many cases, superintendents are also the primary architects and engineers of each facility. You’ll want a superintendent with extensive experience operating and managing golf courses. It’s important to hire the right person since your course’s success will largely come down to his or her oversight.


You’ll want a lush, vibrant course in order to keep customers satisfied. You might need to hire a groundskeeper full-time to maintain the course. This way, you can avoid having to constantly do the work yourself and you’ll have more time to spend on other duties. Also, if you have a pond or lake on your course, you might benefit from hiring an aquatic weed control Florida service.

It can be very rewarding to run a golf course as long as you’re committed and patient enough. By following the right steps, you could be designing your very own course in no time.

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Rhinoplasty Patient’s Guide: 3 Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic procedure in America. In fact, it’s one of the top five surgeries in the United States. So how do you choose the right plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty? Here are three questions to ask your surgeon to help you decide on a facial plastic surgeon. 

How Many Rhinoplasties Have You Performed?

The first question you should ask your surgeon when seeking facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC is how many rhinoplasties they have performed. As a patient, it’s important to know the skills and experience of your surgeon.

If the surgeon has done hundreds of rhinoplasties, they likely have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with your desired results. The more work a surgeon has done in this area, the better chance your surgery will be successful.

In addition, ask if your plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Board certification is not required for a physician to perform cosmetic surgeries, so your surgeon must be qualified to perform your rhinoplasty.

Are My Expectations Realistic?

Before committing to any plastic surgery, it’s important to ask yourself if your expectations are realistic. At your consultation, you will have time to talk to the surgeon about your nose and the changes you would like to make to your nose. You should feel comfortable communicating your expectations with the doctor, who will, in turn, give you realistic feedback about your goals for surgery.

A great plastic surgeon will take your goals and use their expertise to ensure that your nose looks balanced with the rest of your features.

What Is Recovery Like After a Rhinoplasty?

Before your rhinoplasty, it’s important to know what your recovery looks like. You may want to ask specific questions, such as:

  • When can I return to work?
  • How can I prepare for my recovery?
  • What can I expect to see and feel while I am recovering?
  • What are some complications that some patients might experience?

You should be aware that people heal at different speeds, and the healing process is not linear. However, your surgeon will be able to walk you through the recovery timeline.

In conclusion, it is important to ask your surgeon the right questions before deciding to get a rhinoplasty. These three questions will help you determine if you are in the right place for rhinoplasty and have selected the right plastic surgeon for you.


English vs. Western Horseback Riding

There are two primary styles of horseback riding in the United States: English and Western. Though they have similarities, it’s important to remember that each discipline has a very unique background and defining characteristics.

No matter which riding style you choose, wearing the correct equestrian apparel can help you stand out at a competition and ride more comfortably.

English Riding Attire

English horseback riding originated with mounted military. It is known for its rigid appearance and classic styles and colors. English riders use a small saddle without a horn that sits atop a crisp white saddle pad.

Equestrians riding English are encouraged to wear khaki pants called breeches. Breeches have a slight stretch and straight legs, allowing a pair of knee-high brown or black boots to easily slide over them. At an English horse show, you’ll see plenty of dark-colored jackets to complete the look. Although these jackets are commonly navy or black, you may also see red or hunter green jackets at a competition today.

A finishing touch on the English riding look is the black velvet helmet. If a rider has long hair, he or she should pull it back into a ponytail that sits at the base of the neck.

Western Riding Attire

Western riding has its origins in the cowboy wild west. The Western saddle features a signature horn which was used by cowboys to rope cattle. The horn provides a better distribution of weight and allowed ranchers to rope a cow without throwing the horse off balance.

Western riders today often wear flowy shirts, jeans and chaps. Tack for the horses is usually colorful and uniqueness in attire is celebrated. Instead of the small black helmet seen in English riding, Western riders will don a cowboy hat as a finishing touch.

English Riding Style

If you ride English, you’ll likely have training in jumping, polo or dressage. English horses are often taller and leaner than Western horses, allowing them to soar over jumps. A rider is encouraged to sit up straight and follow all rules and instructions carefully.

Western Riding Style

Western riders usually practice barrel racing, roping or trail riding. Western horses are sturdy, muscular and slightly shorter than English horses. They need to be fast and agile when roping or barrel racing, but also calm and relaxed for long rides across trails. 

No matter which style of riding you choose, you may eventually find yourself at a competitive horse show where you compete against other riders and are judged on technique. For either discipline, it’s important to wear the appropriate clothing to achieve a good score at the event.


What Are Marine Inspection Services?

What Are Marine Inspection Services?

The law requires marine inspection services to check for code violations related to marine construction projects. This article will explore inspections, construction, and more.

What Is a Marine Inspection?

A marine inspection is a process that helps you make sure your new project doesn’t run into any problems down the road. It’s like insurance for inspectors, and it protects you from unexpected expenses.

Some marine inspection services are required by law, meaning that without the inspector on board, your project will not be compliant with codes and risks getting shut down for non-compliance. 

The best marine inspection services combine the expertise of a licensed captain with expert knowledge of building codes.

During a marine inspection, it’s important to take the time to carefully inspect every component on board. That way you can ensure that everything is safe and working properly.

What Are Marine Construction Services?

Marine construction services include docks, seawalls, and boat lifts. In addition to being functional structures, they also have aesthetic value. Some clients need one service, while others may require several.

Marine Inspection Services: Legal Requirements

Since marine inspections can vary depending on your location or state’s laws, it’s always best to check with your marine construction company. In Florida, inspection projects are required by law for any new marine project submitted to the county or municipality (homeowner’s associations may also require inspections).

Who Can I Hire for Marine Inspection Services?

It’s essential to hire an experienced and licensed marine inspection company. A professional can help you avoid expensive repairs down the line, so it’s worth spending a little extra now.

What Does a Marine Inspector do?

Marine inspectors ensure marine construction is up to code and meets all building codes. Marine inspections can be requested by homeowners or homeowners associations (HOA).

A marine inspector will come from your local city or county. In other cases, you might hire an independent inspection company to do the job. It would help if you asked around in your area to see what available companies offer inspection services.

How do I Become a Marine Inspector?

Becoming a marine inspector takes time and training, but you can get your foot in the door by entering into an apprenticeship. Several marine construction companies offer inspection apprenticeships for individuals who wish to become marine inspectors.

As you can see, marine inspections are essential to keep our marine industry safe. The services provided by an inspector can include anything from hazardous waste disposal to evaluating damage on ships or barges.