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Do You Need To Give A Statement After An Accident? Your Journey To Full Compensation

If you are wondering if you need a police report after an accident occurs, the answer is yes. The police report may not be crucial in a court proceeding in minor accidents. However, your insurance company will try to seek any information from them to compensate you less or not compensate you at all. Here are some detailed reasons you must file a police statement even if the accident seems minor.

Evidence Of The Accident

As much as you may take photographs and have recorded reports from a witness, such efforts may be considered invalid until the police confirm your account. The work of the police at the scene is to provide evidence that you were hit and that you were not at fault. They also record the location of the accident and take pictures of the scene, showing the extent of the car’s damage. They may also access road CCTVs and evaluate the cause of the accident.

Provides Location Of The Accident

In the police report, the police indicate the location of the accident. This is crucial because you may choose not to file a report on a minor accident and become a suspect of a hit and run elsewhere. However, on a police report, the location where your accident occurred is indicated. Without a police statement, you may end up getting accused of an accident you were not involved in.

For A Full Compensation

Most insurance companies will find a way to evade compensating the victim with full pay. Ensure the police statement is not the reason they failed to repay you. Talk to a San Bernardino car accident attorney to guide you through the compensation process ensuring the insurance company pays for the damage caused during an accident.

Preliminary Investigation

The investigation states facts that could have led to the accident. For instance, the police determine if the driver was on the wrong side and sober when driving. They also investigate the driver’s mental state and ask eyewitnesses to make statements that may help in court or prove that the accused driver was in the wrong.

Avoid Fraudsters

Not all people who ask you to let a minor accident pass have good intentions. Some may lay a trap and later report the accident, pretending to be victims of the accident. If the police investigate and find that your car was hit, you never said they would treat it as a hit and run. It’s always wise to file a police report, no matter how minor the accident seems.

For Medical Reasons

A police report is required in some hospitals when treating a patient involved in an accident. People may get injured when participating in unlawful activities and claim it was a car accident. Also, medical insurance will need proof that you were involved in a car accident before they start paying hospital bills.

Confirmation Of Your Own Report

You will also need your own report on account of the incident. Gather all the necessary information on the accident scene. Such information includes the number plate of the other driver, the insurance company of the driver at fault, and a picture showing the two cars. You can also take a selfie showing you next to the two vehicles. Interview witnesses, record their contact information, and record the incident’s time and date.

If you look forward to compensation after a car accident, ensure you find yourself a skilled attorney to help you get compensated. The police report is among the crucial documents your lawyer needs when claiming your compensation.

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How a Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help With Debt

According to statistics, most Americans have around $90,000 in debt. That’s a large number to get out from under, regardless of how hard you try. And while the debt itself is enough to deal with, it’s even more stressful when you have debt collectors constantly calling and employing methods that feel a great deal like bullying.

There may not be an easy fix to getting out of debt, but a consumer protection attorney can help you stand up against many of the headaches that come with it. Below are just a few examples.

Creditors have the right to try to get the money they loaned you back. However, there are rules about how they can go about doing it. For example, they can’t harass you, be disrespectful and call you names, or give your information to family or friends. They can’t threaten to put you in jail or threaten to sue you if they have no legal means to do so.

They also cannot call you at work if you’re not allowed to receive calls at work or if you’ve expressly told them not to call you at your job. If you’ve dealt with any of these situations or feel you have been bullied, harassed, or disrespected in any way, a consumer protection lawyer can help.

Credit Reporting
When a creditor reports your information to the credit bureaus, they have to do so with accurate information. No debts or judgments that belong to someone else can be reported on your file. They also cannot re-age your debts, meaning that they cannot move the dates so that it stays on your credit longer. Additionally, lenders are not supposed to pull your credit without your permission.

Keep an eye on your credit reports. If you find any information that does not belong to you, is reported inaccurately, or credit pulls you didn’t authorize, a consumer protection attorney can help.

Identity Theft
Unfortunately, there are many desperate people out there who will prey on others when they can – adults and children. This is where identity theft comes into play, and it’s a common thing. In fact, about one-third of Americans have faced identity theft at some point in their lives, or around 15 million every year.

Identity theft often leads to a great deal of trouble for the person whose identity has been stolen. Debts they have no clue exist are reported on their credit. They often get sued and have to deal with debt collection calls linked to transactions they’re not responsible for.

It’s a frustrating and completely stressful situation, but not a helpless one. If you’re dealing with financial blowback due to identity theft, you can put a stop to it with the help of a consumer protection lawyer.

Most consumer protection attorneys do not charge a consultation fee. In fact, many of them charge no legal fees at all unless they win your case for you. And often, their fees will be negotiated into whatever settlement you receive, meaning that nothing comes out of your pocket. If you find yourself under the stress of unfair debt practices, call a consumer protection lawyer as soon as possible to help relieve the burden – without the strain of additional debt.

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Important Things to Know When Hiring a Bail Bondsman

If you or someone you know is arrested, you may turn to a bail bondsman. This is a great option to pay your bail amount and be released from jail; however, there are a few things to know before moving forward with this.

Five Percent Bail Bonds Don’t Exist  

No matter what you have heard, there is no such thing as a five percent bail bond. For most, price is a driving factor when searching for a service for bail bonds Lancaster County PA. While you may see an ad for a bond service that offers “5% bail,” this is just sneaky marketing. The state dictates the cost of the bond, which is 10%. Be wary if you see an ad that says the bond service will negotiate the cost. Bond services use this tactic just to earn your business, but they don’t have a choice when it comes to what is charged.

Collateral Isn’t Always Required

While the cost of the bond may not be negotiable, some agencies offer options to make paying it a bit easier on you. Some accept payments via credit card, while others provide you with a payment plan. If a payment plan is offered, make sure there are no additional fees or costs associated with it.

Only Use a Licensed Bail Bond Service

It’s important to hire a bail bond service that is licensed. It’s a good idea to verify this before moving forward with the transaction to ensure you get what you are paid for.

Not All People Will Get Bail

Sometimes, an arrested person will be denied bail or not have anyone post bail for them. If this happens, then they will remain in jail until the court releases them. The charges determine how long this will be.

Avoid Bondsmen Who Solicit Business from the Jail

If someone is offering their services at the jail, they should be avoided. Not only is this unethical, in some places, but it is also illegal. This person may also wind up losing their license, face jail time and felony charges if this happens.

Finding the Right Bond Service

While finding the right bondsman service can take a lot of time, it is worth the effort you put into it. This professional will help you get out of jail or help you get a friend or family member out by posting bail. Just be sure to keep the above information in mind to find the right person for the job. 

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What To Do If You Need a Family Lawyer

If you need a family lawyer, then chances are you are going through a difficult time in your life. Not only do you likely have a lot on your plate, but having to seek out a lawyer may make it feel even more difficult. While it might not seem easy, the good news is that finding the right lawyer for you and your situation can be simple. If you are looking for some tips that will help you find a quality lawyer, then here are some things to think about. 

Ask Around

One of the first things you should do if you need help understanding family law Hernando County FL is to make sure that you talk to your friends, family, and coworkers and ask if they can refer you to any quality lawers. When you ask for a referral from someone you know and trust, you can help ensure that you are getting their honest opinion about how they work, and can get a better idea of whether or not they will be a good fit for you.

Do Your Research

If you can’t get a personal reference, then doing your research online is the next best thing. When doing research online, it is important to be thorough and to make sure that you are not only reading their own personal webpage but that you are reading reviews that others have left about them online. The more research you can do, the clearer of an idea you will have about how they operate and whether or not they will be a good fit. 

Make Sure You’re Prepared

There are those that think it is fine to show up to a meeting unprepared. The reality is, though, that it is much better to show up with some questions ready to go. By taking the time to think of important questions and by writing them down beforehand, you can help ensure that you aren’t forgetting anything and that you will get all of your questions answered. Beyond that, making sure that you write down their answers is essential as well, especially if you are meeting with multiple lawyers. This can aid in allowing you to keep track of what each one says. 

If you need a family lawyer, you may be dealing with something challenging in your life. The good news is, though, that there are ways that you can help ensure you are getting the right lawyer for you. 

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Essential Items for Your Meeting With the Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve made the right decision if you’ve scheduled a meeting with a personal injury attorney. That specialist will help you make sense of your accident and determine who is at fault. You’ll need to take some items with you to ensure that you get the most out of your meeting. These are four things that are essential to your case:

An Account of the Incident

You’ll have to show up to your personal injury lawyer Denver-based specialist with a straight story about what happened to you. He or she will want to hear your account of the incident for evaluation purposes. It would be even better if you have witness statements you could use for your case. Anyone who may have seen what happened can add some validity to the account of events. 

Evidence About What Happened

Evidence is also a great thing to have when you visit the attorney. You’ll want to show the attorney any pictures you might have of automobile damage or damage to your body. He or she will also use that to help you solidify the judge’s decision and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Medical Documentation

You will need to bring any records you have from the doctor who participated in your incident. The attorney will need to see bills as well as diagnosis reports and treatment tactics. All of that information will be included in the final determination of the settlement request. 

Insurance Documentation

Bring the records from your insurance company that pertain to your case. You may want to show the attorney that you paid a certain fee to have your vehicle fixed, for example. He or she will need all this information for the settlement request. 

Work-Related Information

You can also bring documentation to show how much work you lost because of your injuries and treatment. All of that information will help the attorney determine what to request in your case. 

Auto Repair Bills

You should bring all the bills you received from people who did the work to restore your vehicle after the car accident if you had one. Compensatory damages will cover the funds you had to part with for that. 

Witness Names and Statements

Include the names of everyone who witnessed your accident so that the attorney can get in touch with them to include them in the case. They may be called upon to testify if the case makes it to court. Otherwise, you can submit their witness statements if they were kind enough to provide them for you. Every piece of the puzzle you bring to the consultation will help the provider assess your case more accurately. 

Now that you know what you need for your first meeting, you can better prepare yourself for the event. It’s well worth contacting an attorney about your case. Don’t skip any of those items because they’re all crucial to your success. You may find that you are 100 percent eligible for representation for your case at no cost to you. 

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How To Work Through Your DUI Conviction

If you recently were arrested and convicted of a DUI, then you are now trying to find a way to move forward appropriately. A first offense may not have incurred time in jail. Instead, you may find yourself with a record and several things on your to-do list to ensure you don’t end up there later on. You cannot ignore your record, and you should not ignore any orders. Instead, it’s important to do the following four things.

1. Stay in Touch With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer may not have been able to erase the DUI, but you are at least out in society and not in a jail cell. This person is still valuable during your probationary period, so be sure to maintain communication with him or her. Get advice about how long it lasts on your record and what you can do to show better character.

Ask about what you may and may not do, and if you have questions about your plans or choices, consult your legal firm first. Forgiveness may not be on the table if you are caught breaking the law or probationary expectations.

2. Follow the Judges Order

When you were released, the judge probably issued several conditions. Read through them. Know them. Do them. For instance, the officials most likely mandated courses about the danger of substances. Enroll immediately. If you would prefer something online to have a bit more privacy, research online drug and alcohol course to find one that is certified and readily available.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Right now, you may want to skip on any parties that involve drugs or excessive drinking. The temptation could be too much, and the environment may lead you to join in. Probationary officers are keeping tabs on your choices and getting intoxicated is not one that they want to see.

Look for alternative sources of fun, and find a group of friends that doesn’t need a substance to have a good time.

4. Put Yourself To Work

Show good faith for the community by completing community service or working hard at your job. The judge and your probationary officer may see these are good signs that you are trying to improve society, not hurt it. 

A DUI conviction doesn’t have to mean your life is over. It is a time to step up and show who you are and make good choices. Do things that don’t involve alcohol and drugs and follow the court orders.

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Benefits of Hiring Bail Bond Agents

If your friend or family member gets arrested, they do not have to stay in jail till their hearing date. Most accused offenders get released through a cash bail bond to prep for trial while at their homes. Most people who lack enough money to bail out loved ones rely on bail bond agents to help them secure the amount needed to pay the court. Here are a few ways you stand to benefit by hiring a bail bond agent. 

Helps Get a Loved One a Home

In certain situations, some people do not have to post bail to be released from jail. However, those are the exceptions qualifying for release on their recognizance. Some common reasons for one to be eligible for their recognizance include:

  • The criminal history is not bad.
  • They are not a flight risk.
  • The offense was not violent.
  • They do not pose a danger to others or themselves.

Unfortunately, if your loved one does not qualify for OR, you have to pay a hefty fee to get them out of jail, which most people do not have. A bail bond agent can help provide the money, ensuring that your loved one can go home as they await trial or find evidence for their case.

Protecting Your Money and Assets

If you do not have enough cash to post bail, you may have to liquidate some of your assets or refinance your mortgage. You will have to make complicated financial decisions for your loved one to be released. You also have to factor in the amount of money you might need to pay a defense lawyer. Even with all these, a loved one may fail to show up in court, leading to you losing your money. However, by hiring a bond agent, you reduce the financial strain on your back and protect your assets at the same time. 

Keep Your Financial Issues Private 

Even when you can post full bail, if the amount is big, there will be questions about how you were able to raise such an amount in a short time. It becomes a bigger issue if you are a suspect in the investigation. Hiring bail bond agents help keep your financial matters private. The bail bond agent pays all the money, and so no one will bother to investigate your financials. 

They Are Experienced and Knowledgeable

 A bail agent will not just give you a check and bid you goodbye. During the whole bail process, they will help you as they are knowledgeable and experienced. If you have any questions about bail posting, they will answer. Most importantly, they do the paperwork for you, which no one really loves. 

They Take responsibility

When you post bail for your loved one, you must ensure they follow all the laid rules until the day of the hearing. However, when you use a bail bond agent, they take that responsibility and risk.

Even though it may look simple to try and handle these situations by yourself, there are many benefits to hiring a bail bond agent. They make the whole process easier and reduce a significant financial burden. Having a loved one in jail is already hard enough. If there is a way of easing that burden, you should take it.

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What is Aggravated Assault?

Aggravated assault refers to the attempt to cause actual bodily harm to someone without regard for their life. The factors considered when accounting for an aggravated assault charge include the status of the assault’s victim, using a deadly weapon, degree of injury resulting from the action, and the perpetrator’s intentions, such as intentions to murder or rape.  

 Aggravated assault charges are serious charges, and they carry both state and federal charges. Most states recognize the charge as a felony that is punishable by serving a prison sentence, fines, restitution, community service, and counseling. Other states have different standards for defining the charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the intent and impact of the aggravated assault. However, these charges can leave a long-lasting criminal record on the individual, especially when they fail to involve a lawyer specialized in aggravated assault cases. 

What are Some Actions That Can Lead to An Aggravated Assault Charge?

Some actions can lead to someone being charged with aggravated assault. Some of these actions include:

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Using a deadly weapon during an assault counts as an aggravated assault. In a basic assault, the perpetrator is charged regardless of whether they caused physical harm to the victim. The charges stick regardless of whether the weapon results in physical harm or injury to the victim. It can simply be a result of certain behavior that threatens the safety of the victim.

When the perpetrator engages in such an activity threatening the victim’s safety while using a deadly weapon, it automatically qualifies as an aggravated assault. The fear resulting from the perpetrator’s behavior threatens the victim, leading to fear of grievous harm. 

The weapons, in this case, are weapons that can result in serious injury or death, such as guns. Other weapons can be included depending on how the perpetrator used or handled them during the assault. Here, we could use a pocket knife. Normally, a pocket knife is not deemed a lethal weapon. However, if, during the assault, it helped the assault victim’s vital organs helps such as the neck, it is deemed deadly. Such an offense automatically qualifies as an aggravated assault.

Victim’s Identity

At times, the victim’s identity of an assault can result in the assault being deemed aggravated. Many states recognize an assault on a firefighter, police officer, and in some cases, teachers, as an aggravated assault. However, this typically applies if the victim was in their line of duty when the assault happened, and the perpetrator knows the victim’s status. 

It is worth noting that during the trial, the assault of certain professionals may include hate crime charges. It can be based on race, nationality (originating from another country), ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

Degree of Injury

An aggravated assault charge can be brought forth depending on the degree of injuries caused by the assault. The majority of assaults resulting in bodily harm are charged as aggravated assault cases. Although the degree of injuries varies from case to case, any injuries that pose a threat to the victim’s life or those that disfigure or maim the victim automatically qualify to be an aggravated assault. Different states have different methods of defining the degree of injury. In some states, life-threatening injuries might qualify for attempted homicide. Besides, sexual assaults may also qualify as aggravated assault, depending on the state. 

Final Thoughts

Aggravated assault charges are serious charges that involve actions that lead to actual bodily harm with disregard to human life. In some instances, using deadly weapons qualifies as an aggravated assault depending on how the weapon was used. It is important to seek the services of a qualified criminal lawyer to help you determine the extent of the charge or get some help with the case. 

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3 Reasons Why You Need The Services of a Notary

Notaries play crucial roles in several legal and financial procedures. You will probably, at some point in your life, hire one. Check out this list of three reasons why you need the services of a notary.

1. To Legitimize Your Personal Documents

When trying to officialize personal documents, procure notary services right away. For instance, a will, whether generated by an attorney or not, should be notarized. The process would signify that the document’s signer was properly identified, was in his or her right mind when signing, and was not coerced into signing. Another personal document that should be notarized is a deed to a trustee. Some states do not require notarization of trust-related forms, but many do request that those forms have a notary signature. Having your personal documents notarized can protect your wishes and ensure your family members’ wellbeing.

2. To Complete the Hiring Process for a Job

Many recently hired people utilize notary services. This is because their employers need to verify that they are who they say they are and that they are authorized to work in the country. You can meet the needs of your employer by submitting an Employment Eligibility Verification, or I-9, form. This form mandates that you produce documents that indicate your identity and employment authorization. Such documents include passports, driver’s licenses, state identification cards, social security cards, and birth certificates. You will bring your documents to a notary, and he or she will act as an authorized representative, meaning that he or she will review and certify your documents rather than notarize your I-9 form itself.

3. To Acquire Various Pieces of Property

During the course of your life, you will probably purchase one house and multiple cars. In most cases, to acquire a home, you will need a mortgage loan. Such loans utilize documents that must be notarized, including a power of attorney, a grant deed, and an affidavit. When making arrangements to purchase a car, note that six states require that an automobile bill of sale be notarized. Those states are Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and West Virginia. A notary can help you complete your property-related documents so that you can obtain the house or car of your dreams.

Notarization is important in so many industries. The process safeguards you and your loved ones from fraudulent practices and gives you the chance to access employment and financial opportunities.

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3 Coping Methods for Divorcing Men who Didn’t Want a Divorce

You didn’t want the divorce, and now it feels like your world is crashing down around you. This sense of loss and confusion may lead to feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, or hopelessness. These feelings can and will come and go. It may also affect how you cope with the day-to-day stresses that life throws at you. Coping methods for family law cases vary from person to person depending on their personality type and what they find helpful in dealing with emotional distress. 

Avoid Communication Full of Struggle with Your Ex

Even if you might be co-parenting or even parallel parenting with your ex, you must understand it’s always a waste of your energy on communication that is time-sucking, unproductive, and emotionally charged with anger. While you’ll need to be fully connected to your emotions to help you through this terrible time, it’s very advantageous to you to clamp them down when communicating with your ex.

  • Only use the shortest verbiage possible to get your point across.
  • Don’t inflame.
  • Don’t respond to baiting tactics.
  • State the facts calmly. Facts are only things that relate to your case; never a “they said-they said” situation surrounding those facts.

It’s normal for our minds to try and make sense of the things that happen to us, but working those things out in struggling communication with the ex is not helpful.

Exercise regularly

Modify your exercise routine so that it fits your new lifestyle and what you can handle day-to-day. It is not ideal to start training to become a triathlete if you don’t currently exercise. Exercise should focus on walking, non-jarring movements, nature-bathing, hiking, sports you engage in regularly with friends, or running if you already jog. Do physical activity outside of the home, when possible, to avoid furthering fostering negative emotions.

Work with a Legal Team that Can Relate to Your Circumstances

While all family law lawyers are trained to take you through the family court processes, not all understand how vicious the process can be towards men. Many discounts the claims of smear campaigns and false accusations. To help you cope, it’s vital you work with a legal team like Cordell & Cordell, who understand what you’re going through. 


Everyone’s coping methods will be different. Be patient with yourself and do things that honor and respect yourself, knowing the situation will improve. Keep a trusted network of friends and family. Work with legal counsel that understands your case, such as the Cordell & Cordell team. You’re not alone in this.