The Importance of Holistic Language Acquisition

There are many benefits to using a holistic curriculum to teach language. Holistic learning materials can be more effective at filling multiple cognitive demands by integrating several different kinds of language acquisition. Students will engage in a spiraling learning process, incorporating pre-reading and initial reading to identify each subtopic, topic, and description. 

Relationships between teacher and student

In studies focusing on the relationship between teacher and student, teacher-student solid relationships are associated with improvements in almost every measure that schools care about. For example, students with positive relationships with their teachers are more likely to show higher levels of academic engagement and lower rates of suspensions and school dropout. In addition, teachers who develop empathy are more likely to manage better and guide their students. Teachers who work to build empathy for their students can also reduce their students’ levels of anxiety.

A hallmark of holistic language pedagogy is the emphasis on the whole. Traditional language teaching methods focus on teaching students in a specific style. Holistic teachers help students express themselves in various ways, including everyday conversation. They do not stress reading and writing, often dominating classical language learning programs. Instead, they focus on developing the person’s skills and tailoring their teaching style to meet the individual student’s needs.

Focus on everyday speech

When learning a holistic language, you should focus on daily conversation. It is because the spoken language is fundamental to literacy and communication. Unfortunately, traditional language learning programs tend to focus on reading and writing. Instead, holistic language educators teach the skills crucial for effective communication in a given language. Keeping this in mind, you can easily transition from learning one language to another. 

The Connection between words and meaning

While some theories assume that words have meaning by specific referents, the present theory views meaning as a subjective link linking the various internal signals in the system. These signals are associated with a meaning domain, reflecting the system’s internal language. In addition, these codes may be related to speech units. Thus, we need to determine which of the two codes governs meaning development and how it is learned.

The combined data support a dual-systems model for word learning, although there are important caveats. In particular, current research rarely addresses the question of word meaning. Furthermore, McKay et al. (2008) found that the correlation between word learning and word meaning is stronger for irregular words. Thus, reading speed and word understanding are closely linked in this model. As such, we may expect a positive correlation between the two.

Influence of play on language learning

A study reveals the influential role of play in language learning. The researchers observed children in a Vietnamese high school language classroom. The students engaged in communicative language activities like storytelling, and play is evident in every activity. The language students used in their study was more advanced than that of young foreign language learners. In addition, there were a lot of laughs in the classroom. The authors conclude that play affects language learning.

Children engage in sociodramatic play, which is relevant for second language acquisition regardless of age. This type of play stimulates cooperative learning, promotes self-regulation, and increases the understanding of cultural norms. It also encourages shy learners to participate in class and improves their communicative competence. The authors suggest language teachers incorporate role-play into their teaching methods.

Education Lifestyle

Choosing a Musical Instrument for Kids

If your child is expressing interest in learning to play a musical instrument, there is a wide range of options for him or her to pursue. Below you can read about some of the most and least popular instrument choices.

A great place to start when helping your child discover their musical interests is to look for local music classes Rockford IL. Taking a few music lessons will help your child decide if they want to pursue that instrument or perhaps look at other options. 


The piano is by far one of the most popular and versatile instruments as part of both the percussion and string family.

As your child begins learning the piano, they may find themselves needing to spend extra time studying the keys. With 88 keys on a standard piano, learning the sounds of the 7 and 1/4 octaves of notes s not an easy feat. As a beginner, your child will likely begin learning on a smaller scale and progress to the full piano in later years. 

Electric Guitar

If your child expresses interest in playing the guitar, starting with the electric guitar is a great choice. The electric guitar offers a slimmer neck and thinner cords than a standard acoustic guitar, which benefits children because it is easier for them to grip the instrument and strum the cords. 

While your child may start on the electric guitar, the great news is that once they learn to play one type of guitar they can play all others as well. 

Uncommon Instruments

If your child is interested in picking a unique musical instrument to play, consider options such as the harp, oboe or viola. Choosing to learn an instrument such as these will give your child the opportunity to stand apart from peers.

No matter what instrument your child wants to pursue, the art of learning to play a musical instrument is sure to teach patience and perseverance in the process. 


Tips for Finding and Passing an Online TABC Certification

If you want to work at a place with a TABC license, you should consider looking for an online certification course. But, first, you need to be ready for an online course if you want to succeed at it. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable provider and ace your exam. 

Ensure It Is Certified

A certification online works when the provider has been certified to provide TABC permits. Before purchasing the class, check with the TABC website to ensure the provider is listed as a certified site. If they aren’t, there is a chance that the course you pay for is a scam, and your certification will not be accepted. 

Prepare To Watch the Course

Most online courses are about two hours long, followed by an exam. This means you need to be ready to sit for this long with no interruptions. So get yourself set up with a quiet area, a drink, and a bathroom break before you start. 

Take a Break Before Your Exam

After your course, be sure to stand up, stretch, walk around, and visit the bathroom before your exam. Taking five or ten minutes to relax will help you perform well on the exam. However, if you don’t feel that you need a break, feel free to skip it and jump right from your last lesson to the exam. 

Ready a Printer

Immediately after passing the test, you can print your certification, which means you will need a printer. If you don’t have your own printer, you should schedule some time after your exam to visit the library or another location with a printer, so you have your certificate of completion in hand. 

Study at Your Most Productive Hour

You learn best when you are fresh and able to focus. Therefore, you should schedule your course and test when you are most productive and less likely to be distracted. That means you could end up taking this in the morning, at night, or in the middle of the day, based on your needs. One great part about the online course is you have the flexibility to work it around your schedule. So be sure to take advantage of this. 

Getting your TABC certification online is a great option. First,  you need to ensure that your course is legit. Then, be ready to study hard to pass the exam. Following these tips will ensure that you find and pass an online course. 


The Future of Writing and Research Publication

The good thing about writing, and most writers would agree, is that it is therapeutic and fun, as psychologists would point out. Despite all the fun that comes with writing, it is such a taxing affair, and some people would rather do something else. Perhaps the fun bit about it is through the works being approved for publication because this is always the homestretch of a long journey home.

Do you know what is almost similar to such an experience? Research. It can get worst, especially when it is long, in-depth, complex, and academic research. Worst of it is that most researches similar to writing need approval before their publication. It means that your facts must be right, or your work will be rendered null and void. Since both research and writing require keen eyes, how do their future look like? 

The Technology Effect

It is not doubted technology has influenced every aspect of our lives, both scientific and arts in general. Writing is both a science and art through spaces such as Bentham Science; the future of research publishing ad writing is secure and promising. The technology involved in publishing superseded the keen human eye for details – a desired trait in any publishing firm. Also, through collaborations and partnerships that come with the Bentham Science Open, the writers and researchers in different fields will be able to learn and interact with each other. Writing tech symposiums and events of such nature are poised to enable writers to flourish in their research areas. Therefore, the perception of technology negatively affecting human life is not true. Technology is there to play a huge role in education in improving humans in aspects such as journals and publishing. 

In conclusion, the future of writing, research, and publication are all intertwined in technology. The two are connected and happen in stages, starting with research, writing then publishing once the piece is approved. Education will be made better this way with perhaps virtual writing and research hubs. Science will be a great beneficiary to such a project through articles and journals. The generation involved in making all these a reality is the one in the fourth revolution technology. Someone might think that editors and sub-editors might be done away with but remember, technology is set to work on an algorithm that is never absolute. Therefore, humans and technology will work collaboratively to achieve this dream effectively. 


Starting a School

Schools are a major part of society. Every child must be taught, and most will attend some type of school. Many desire to put their children in a place where there are other students and activities for them to enjoy. Schools are continuously being built because of the number of students there are. If you are thinking about starting one, here are some things you should know.


When you are starting a school, you will need to decide what each room will be used for. You may have to wait until you get a final count of students, so you can give bigger classrooms to the large grade groups. It can also be beneficial to have a supply room where teachers and workers can go to find classroom needs. A maintenance closet will help keep cleaning supplies in one, concentrated location as well.


Multiple situations can occur while in school. Although you hope and pray nothing ever happens, you still need to be prepared for them just in case. You should have an established threat reporting system the entire school is familiar with. Have emergency drills throughout the school year so everyone knows what needs to be done in those possible situations. Try to calmly explain what could happen to the student body, but do not overwhelm or scare them. You are trying to show them the importance of practicing drills.  


Before the school year starts, you should make up a schedule of events. This includes class times, sports games, programs, and other school activities. It is important to give teachers, students and parents a heads up before the year begins. Sometimes things will come up that certain plans may have to be canceled but have a system in place for letting everyone know. You may also want to add things to the schedule but outlining a majority of events from the start will help keep everyone informed of what is happening.

Starting a school can be a lot of work, but it is something that will always be needed. Everyone needs to be taught.