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What Is A Hosted Predictive Dialer?

Before deciding to purchase a hosted predictive dialer, you must consider the features that it offers. For example, what is the cost per call? How do you determine the features that are essential for your business? Do you need hardware or software to use this system? We’ll cover all of these issues in this article. Moreover, we’ll take a look at the Abandonment rate.


One of the most popular types of hosted predictive dialing software is Five9, which charges between $100 and $200 per seat per month. These providers do not require on-site staff and offer a low setup fee. However, these services also charge a monthly fee for each agent. A typical price range is $15-$300 per seat, depending on the number of lines your business uses. Additionally, the cost of long-distance calls may vary from $0.02 to $0.10 per minute.

Some companies provide a hosted predictive dialing service monthly or yearly. The monthly fee varies from company to company, but many providers offer a free trial. Of course, you can always request a quote to determine how much you can expect to pay. Some plans start at as low as $185 per user, but it’s always best to request a quote before making a decision. In addition, some providers may charge additional fees for different features or services.


The best hosted predictive dialer will have all of the above features. In addition to these features, it will also allow for integration with other software tools. The most common integration partner is CRM tools, which enable data to be transferred from a call to the customer database. These tools have a long history, having been invented in the 1980s by Douglas A. Samuelson. The inventor found the dialers to be helpful in debt collection.

Many hosted predictive dialer plans offer call monitoring, which lets managers monitor calls and identify areas for improvement. They also include DNC management, which helps call centers comply with federal laws. For example, call centers must ensure that they do not telemarket to individuals on Do Not Call lists, or they face hefty fines. Luckily, a hosted predictive dialer will make it easier to comply with these laws.

Abandonment rate

A high abandonment rate can ruin an outbound campaign. Callers who hang up on agents may report your number as spam. Call blockers will also flag your number as spam. Service providers keep a close eye on abandonment rates to ensure that you get the best campaign results. In addition to improving campaign efficiency, a hosted predictive dialer can reduce your agents’ downtime. Once integrated with your CRM, a predictive dialer can increase your sales.

When using a hosted predictive dialer, you can adjust the pace at which you place calls based on the Abandon Rate. The abandon rate is calculated based on the number of contacts made and the number of calls abandoned. When your answering rate drops unexpectedly, your system will adjust the pace to compensate. If your abandon rate exceeds your target percentage, your dialer will switch to Power calling mode.

Cost vs. hardware

The cost vs. hardware of hosted predictive dialers can be confusing. Still, comparing on-premise and hosted dialers is the best way to determine which is the best fit for your business. On-premise solutions are typically more expensive and require you to hire IT personnel and purchase additional hardware to manage them. On the other hand, hosted predictive dialer providers are much cheaper, and you can sign up for a plan for as little as $14 per month, even with advanced features.

The cost vs. hardware of hosted predictive dialers is another crucial consideration for small businesses. Hosted solutions are typically cloud-based, meaning they run on a cloud platform. Several different providers include RingCentral, Five9, and Noble Enterprise. Hosted predictive dialers require no on-site staff, which makes them more affordable. In addition to having a lower upfront cost, hosted solutions require no maintenance and are much easier to deploy. In addition, hosted predictive dialers typically charge per agent, and long-distance calls cost between $0.02 and $0.10 per minute.