4 Ways to Recycle Your Old Electronics

When it comes to recycling electronics there are a lot of important factors to consider since they aren’t disposed of in the standard way. This is because electronic products can release toxic substances when they are destroyed, making them a difficult thing to handle properly.

Sadly, only about 20% of all global electronic waste is disposed of properly. Here are 3 ways that you can responsibly dispose of your old electronics whether they are computers, cell phones, TVs or old stereos.

Find a Reputable Recycler

Before you go and do this though, you will need to erase all personal data that exists on the device. This is so that you can protect yourself against people who might want to steal your identity by hacking into old files containing your personal information.

Check in your local area to see if there are any organizations that offer help with recycling any old electronics you might have. Some groups have drop-off locations all over the U.S., so you might be able to find one of them. These are usually organized by zip code.

Another thing to look into is to see if your city sponsors any collection days for electronics.

If Not Recycle, Donate

If you think your electronic device may be of use because of its condition, you might consider donating it before you throw it away. There is probably a charity or non-profit organization near you that will take your device. Make sure you get a receipt so that you can deduct it from your next tax return.

Many programs and existing online stores will also take your device if you cannot find a local place.

Give It to a Tech Firm

Check with the manufacturer of the device to find out if they take back the old and used devices. Many of these electronic manufacturers have good recycling and/or buyback programs that will allow you to give your device a second life.

Before You Buy

Before you go and buy another piece of electronic equipment, consider what you will do with the old one it is replacing. It’s just as important to recycle your e-waste as it is to limit your consumption since it is becoming an increasingly widespread issue due to the rise in the production of consumer electronics. 

Now that you know these quick tips on how to recycle your old devices properly, you’ll be more equipped to make smart decisions when it comes time to get out the old and bring in the new.


Important Things To Know About Caring For a Horse

You’ve decided you want to buy a horse. What should you do next? Being a horse owner can be a rewarding experience that can bring many years of joy. Horses offer a variety of experiences and they can become lifelong friends. However, because owning a horse can be a lot more complicated than having a cat or a dog, it’s good to become familiar with some of the different areas of care that horses need. 


Horses need regular vaccinations and other periodic veterinary treatments to keep them healthy. They require a specialized diet to regulate their delicate digestive systems, and sometimes they get sick from things they eat. It’s important to have a good veterinarian to rely on when your horse gets sick or injured. One way you can help manage the cost of medical care is horse insurance. You may need to do some research to find out what this type of insurance covers and the cost you’ll be expected to pay. 


Another necessary part of owning a horse is having a farrier visit every six weeks or so. A farrier is a skilled specialist who cares for horses’ feet by trimming hooves and changing out the metal horseshoes. Horses’ hooves grow just like fingernails, so they need regular shaping and attention. Along with caring for the actual hoof, horseshoes change shape from supporting the weight of the horse, so they need to be replaced often to keep the horse comfortable. You don’t want your horse to be in pain, so make sure to pay for this frequently. 


One of the most important things your horse needs is your time. You should check on your horse at least once a day to inspect the animal for injuries or potential illnesses. Regular manure removal is an important daily task, as horses can get sick from being around their own excrement. Having a clean place to sleep and clean water to drink are important for your horse, so stalls and watering troughs should also be regularly inspected.  Make sure you take some time out to show some love to your horse, too. You can pet your horse, take it out for a ride or teach your horse tricks. Don’t forget to sneak in some horse treats every once in a while. 

Understanding key aspects of care is an important part of being a great horse owner. Learn the right way to do things to develop a happy relationship between you and your horse.