An Overview of Hotel Lobby Art

The lobby is a virtual space of circulation and transition, a temporal sanctuary, and the anti-room. The lobby’s art has a multifaceted history and continues to challenge the definition of its function. Two contemporary artists explore this theme with distinct visions. Tim Bennett, a former stonemason and cook works in London and Munich. Peter Joslyn, a baroque tattoo artist, was born in Switzerland but moved to England in 1999.

Installation of artwork in the hotel lobby

While most people associate art in hotels with a sense of aesthetic appeal, there is more to the request of hotel lobby art than aesthetics. Art can affect the mood of hotel guests. Studies show that hotel art improves the guest experience and increases satisfaction rates. Hotel art consultants can help hotel owners choose artwork to add to the lobby. The following are some tips when installing artwork in the hotel lobby. Let’s look at them one by one.

In addition to permanent art pieces, hotels also incorporate changing exhibits. One such project is “The Great Wall,” a giant digital art installation consisting of 21 constantly changing pieces. The project was undertaken in partnership with Harmonic Laboratory, an award-winning Eugene art collective. In addition to student works, the exhibition also features more than 160 pieces from 84 local artists. One hotel’s employees created 75 pieces as part of the project.

Designing a hotel lobby

Designing a hotel lobby requires a clear understanding of the brand, audience, and property. Depending on the size of the lobby, colors and art will vary. For a spacious lobby, bold colors can be used without overwhelming the guests. However, consider calming colors and mirrors to avoid overcrowding if your lobby is small. This article will explain some of the most common mistakes when designing a hotel lobby.

The color palette of your hotel lobby should be inviting and warm. Choose colors that will tie into the furniture, artwork, and decor of the hotel. Soft neutrals like beige, brown, or cream go well with most decors. Soft colors like these help guests feel welcomed. To get the best effect, choose a soft color palette to accent dark furniture. Incorporate a light color on the walls and ceilings of the lobby.

Choosing artwork for your hotel lobby

While selecting artwork for your hotel lobby, you need to consider what kind of aesthetic your establishment wishes to create. While you don’t want to put your guests off, it is important that the piece compliments the design theme and doesn’t detract from the decor. Depending on the style of your hotel, you can choose a piece that tells a story and enhances the ambiance. Artwork in the hotel lobby is an excellent way to increase guest satisfaction.

Fortunately, digital printing and photography have made it easier to choose artwork for your hotel lobby than ever before. With so many options, there’s no need to settle for a mass-produced poster or flip through a hefty catalog. Instead, selecting contemporary artwork from artists like Smart Art Inc. will make your hotel lobby look fresh and inviting. 

Choosing a focal point for your hotel lobby

Using a central hub in your hotel lobby creates a great focal point. You can use fun artwork and furniture to make this area a place for guests to gather. For an even more modern look, consider furniture with an upbeat design that appeals to your target customer. One option is to install SmartRocks. These seating options are both comfortable and stylish. They can serve a dual purpose of providing a cozy spot for guests to wait for their rooms and also act as a focal point in your lobby.

The most successful lobby design will be part of the overall philosophy and design of the property. For example, a Koncept Hotel’s lobby design reflects the brand’s ethos. It embraces cutting-edge technology and a digital experience, and some of its properties are entirely staff-free. The recent pandemic temporarily halted the trend of communal spaces. But now, with the advent of vaccines, optimism is returning to travel and hospitality.