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3 Reasons Why You Need The Services of a Notary

Notaries play crucial roles in several legal and financial procedures. You will probably, at some point in your life, hire one. Check out this list of three reasons why you need the services of a notary.

1. To Legitimize Your Personal Documents

When trying to officialize personal documents, procure notary services right away. For instance, a will, whether generated by an attorney or not, should be notarized. The process would signify that the document’s signer was properly identified, was in his or her right mind when signing, and was not coerced into signing. Another personal document that should be notarized is a deed to a trustee. Some states do not require notarization of trust-related forms, but many do request that those forms have a notary signature. Having your personal documents notarized can protect your wishes and ensure your family members’ wellbeing.

2. To Complete the Hiring Process for a Job

Many recently hired people utilize notary services. This is because their employers need to verify that they are who they say they are and that they are authorized to work in the country. You can meet the needs of your employer by submitting an Employment Eligibility Verification, or I-9, form. This form mandates that you produce documents that indicate your identity and employment authorization. Such documents include passports, driver’s licenses, state identification cards, social security cards, and birth certificates. You will bring your documents to a notary, and he or she will act as an authorized representative, meaning that he or she will review and certify your documents rather than notarize your I-9 form itself.

3. To Acquire Various Pieces of Property

During the course of your life, you will probably purchase one house and multiple cars. In most cases, to acquire a home, you will need a mortgage loan. Such loans utilize documents that must be notarized, including a power of attorney, a grant deed, and an affidavit. When making arrangements to purchase a car, note that six states require that an automobile bill of sale be notarized. Those states are Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and West Virginia. A notary can help you complete your property-related documents so that you can obtain the house or car of your dreams.

Notarization is important in so many industries. The process safeguards you and your loved ones from fraudulent practices and gives you the chance to access employment and financial opportunities.