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How Non-Immigrants Qualify for the E2 Visa

When you are looking for a visa to enter the United States for business, qualified investors may think of the E2 visa. In California, E2 visa lawyer Los Angeles-based and elsewhere will help non-immigrants apply for the E2 visa. You’ll need to apply at the embassy or consulate for where you live with Form DS-160. Learn more about how to qualify and what a successful E2 visa application looks like.

What is the E2 Visa?

The E2 visa is a petition for investors and individuals to bring money into the United States to invest in a bona fide company. It can be your own company, or someone else’s. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) defines the E2 investment as funds or assets that are placed as capital in a commercial business with the intention of turning or generating a profit.

E2 investors are required to be a non-immigrant, and foreign entrepreneur of a treaty country that has a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. When you get your visa, you will be allowed to enter the United States and work at the enterprise you used on your application.

E2 Visa Requirements

The minimum requirement for an E2 visa is an investment into a legitimate business. If you don’t have that, you won’t qualify or receive the E2 visa. This is defined by immigration as a commercial undertaking that provides a good or service for profit.

You will need to submit the following evidence to show that you qualify:

• Employer ID number from the IRS

• Tax returns

• Bank statements and financial statements

• Payroll reports, including W2s and W3

• Organization of your business

• Any necessary business licenses

• All business payables

• Business contracts 

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When you are thinking about applying for the E2 visa in California, an E2 visa lawyer Los Angeles-based is a great starting point. There are also E2 visa lawyers all over the country helping non-immigrants gain entry into the United States. Book a legal consult with an E2 visa lawyer today.