What Are Marine Inspection Services?

What Are Marine Inspection Services?

The law requires marine inspection services to check for code violations related to marine construction projects. This article will explore inspections, construction, and more.

What Is a Marine Inspection?

A marine inspection is a process that helps you make sure your new project doesn’t run into any problems down the road. It’s like insurance for inspectors, and it protects you from unexpected expenses.

Some marine inspection services are required by law, meaning that without the inspector on board, your project will not be compliant with codes and risks getting shut down for non-compliance. 

The best marine inspection services combine the expertise of a licensed captain with expert knowledge of building codes.

During a marine inspection, it’s important to take the time to carefully inspect every component on board. That way you can ensure that everything is safe and working properly.

What Are Marine Construction Services?

Marine construction services include docks, seawalls, and boat lifts. In addition to being functional structures, they also have aesthetic value. Some clients need one service, while others may require several.

Marine Inspection Services: Legal Requirements

Since marine inspections can vary depending on your location or state’s laws, it’s always best to check with your marine construction company. In Florida, inspection projects are required by law for any new marine project submitted to the county or municipality (homeowner’s associations may also require inspections).

Who Can I Hire for Marine Inspection Services?

It’s essential to hire an experienced and licensed marine inspection company. A professional can help you avoid expensive repairs down the line, so it’s worth spending a little extra now.

What Does a Marine Inspector do?

Marine inspectors ensure marine construction is up to code and meets all building codes. Marine inspections can be requested by homeowners or homeowners associations (HOA).

A marine inspector will come from your local city or county. In other cases, you might hire an independent inspection company to do the job. It would help if you asked around in your area to see what available companies offer inspection services.

How do I Become a Marine Inspector?

Becoming a marine inspector takes time and training, but you can get your foot in the door by entering into an apprenticeship. Several marine construction companies offer inspection apprenticeships for individuals who wish to become marine inspectors.

As you can see, marine inspections are essential to keep our marine industry safe. The services provided by an inspector can include anything from hazardous waste disposal to evaluating damage on ships or barges.