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How To Work Through Your DUI Conviction

If you recently were arrested and convicted of a DUI, then you are now trying to find a way to move forward appropriately. A first offense may not have incurred time in jail. Instead, you may find yourself with a record and several things on your to-do list to ensure you don’t end up there later on. You cannot ignore your record, and you should not ignore any orders. Instead, it’s important to do the following four things.

1. Stay in Touch With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer may not have been able to erase the DUI, but you are at least out in society and not in a jail cell. This person is still valuable during your probationary period, so be sure to maintain communication with him or her. Get advice about how long it lasts on your record and what you can do to show better character.

Ask about what you may and may not do, and if you have questions about your plans or choices, consult your legal firm first. Forgiveness may not be on the table if you are caught breaking the law or probationary expectations.

2. Follow the Judges Order

When you were released, the judge probably issued several conditions. Read through them. Know them. Do them. For instance, the officials most likely mandated courses about the danger of substances. Enroll immediately. If you would prefer something online to have a bit more privacy, research online drug and alcohol course to find one that is certified and readily available.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Right now, you may want to skip on any parties that involve drugs or excessive drinking. The temptation could be too much, and the environment may lead you to join in. Probationary officers are keeping tabs on your choices and getting intoxicated is not one that they want to see.

Look for alternative sources of fun, and find a group of friends that doesn’t need a substance to have a good time.

4. Put Yourself To Work

Show good faith for the community by completing community service or working hard at your job. The judge and your probationary officer may see these are good signs that you are trying to improve society, not hurt it. 

A DUI conviction doesn’t have to mean your life is over. It is a time to step up and show who you are and make good choices. Do things that don’t involve alcohol and drugs and follow the court orders.