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How a Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help With Debt

According to statistics, most Americans have around $90,000 in debt. That’s a large number to get out from under, regardless of how hard you try. And while the debt itself is enough to deal with, it’s even more stressful when you have debt collectors constantly calling and employing methods that feel a great deal like bullying.

There may not be an easy fix to getting out of debt, but a consumer protection attorney can help you stand up against many of the headaches that come with it. Below are just a few examples.

Creditors have the right to try to get the money they loaned you back. However, there are rules about how they can go about doing it. For example, they can’t harass you, be disrespectful and call you names, or give your information to family or friends. They can’t threaten to put you in jail or threaten to sue you if they have no legal means to do so.

They also cannot call you at work if you’re not allowed to receive calls at work or if you’ve expressly told them not to call you at your job. If you’ve dealt with any of these situations or feel you have been bullied, harassed, or disrespected in any way, a consumer protection lawyer can help.

Credit Reporting
When a creditor reports your information to the credit bureaus, they have to do so with accurate information. No debts or judgments that belong to someone else can be reported on your file. They also cannot re-age your debts, meaning that they cannot move the dates so that it stays on your credit longer. Additionally, lenders are not supposed to pull your credit without your permission.

Keep an eye on your credit reports. If you find any information that does not belong to you, is reported inaccurately, or credit pulls you didn’t authorize, a consumer protection attorney can help.

Identity Theft
Unfortunately, there are many desperate people out there who will prey on others when they can – adults and children. This is where identity theft comes into play, and it’s a common thing. In fact, about one-third of Americans have faced identity theft at some point in their lives, or around 15 million every year.

Identity theft often leads to a great deal of trouble for the person whose identity has been stolen. Debts they have no clue exist are reported on their credit. They often get sued and have to deal with debt collection calls linked to transactions they’re not responsible for.

It’s a frustrating and completely stressful situation, but not a helpless one. If you’re dealing with financial blowback due to identity theft, you can put a stop to it with the help of a consumer protection lawyer.

Most consumer protection attorneys do not charge a consultation fee. In fact, many of them charge no legal fees at all unless they win your case for you. And often, their fees will be negotiated into whatever settlement you receive, meaning that nothing comes out of your pocket. If you find yourself under the stress of unfair debt practices, call a consumer protection lawyer as soon as possible to help relieve the burden – without the strain of additional debt.


Sometimes Bankruptcy Can Get Us Back on Track

Bankruptcy often has a stigma around it that it shouldn’t have. The pandemic has shown that sometimes it is necessary. Our economic situation can change and impact us in unforeseen ways. Most Americans have a hard time saving for the proverbial rainy day, so it can be impossible to plan ahead. Living week to week can make this impossible. A job loss can have devastating consequences. Contacting a bankruptcy lawyer is the first step if you feel trapped and need information on something like bankruptcy law Orlando-based.

How It Can Help

Bankruptcy doesn’t discharge all of your debts, but it can offer relief and a chance to get life back on track. With bankruptcy, unsecured debts are forgiven. Once the bankruptcy is filed, the harassing calls from debt collectors stop. Your family can move forward in life with the knowledge that you have a fresh start ahead.

Rebounding from Bankruptcy

Getting your credit back after a bankruptcy isn’t that hard. Many can raise their credit score above a 640 within two years. Just taking out some small store credit cards or a secured card with a bank can start the process of rebuilding. Reviewing your credit report monthly is a smart move and can be done through many apps available for your phone. Borrowers that have successfully started rebuilding after a bankruptcy often can secure a new mortgage at just slightly over the rates of others.

Bankruptcy isn’t a dirty word. In times like we have recently seen, it can be the only way to find relief. Your financial stress can be eliminated, and rebuilding isn’t tough.


6 Expenses Business Owners Should Accept

Are you looking at the books, wondering if you’re spending money wisely? Business owners have the unfortunate task of questioning whether expenses are too high and then determining what to trim. Weigh carefully the benefit of the service you are receiving. The following are six things that could be worth the cost.

1. Online Marketing

People are online throughout their day, and it’s one of the first places they look for help. That thick yellow phone book isn’t sitting around anywhere waiting to be opened. Instead, customers are likely to make use of search engines to locate someone to complete work. Online marketing could gain you more exposure. In addition, consider working with a content writer to produce SEO content that could draw people to your website, as well as an ad manager interface  to help track, manage, and coordinate your ads.

2. Good Equipment

Reliable, well-built equipment may cost you money, but it could save you in the long run. It is less likely to break down, and it is more likely to be efficient and reliable. That’s why you should consider putting funds towards good equipment.

For instance, if your company performs utility work, you want a valve maintenance system to handle the rough sewer terrain. When you’re on-site, you don’t want something to fail.

3. Solid Insurance Plans

Accidents happen, and Mother Nature is unpredictable. During these challenging times, insurance could be a lifeline to keep your company open. Work with an insurance agent to determine what type of coverage is best for your operation.

4. An Accountant

Many people are not numbers people. For these owners, the account books may become stressful and hard to maintain. An accountant understands finances and the tax codes, providing you with experience and accurate records. Hiring this person could alleviate tension and free you up to do other tasks.

5. Branding

Look professional with office attire and materials that reflect your image and hard work. What people see could impact whether they hire you and how well they may trust you. Be sure that staff has a consistent dress, showing your company name. In addition, have letterhead and products for customers to have, reminding them of your business.

6. Continuing Education

Extra classes and tests cost money, but they also allow you to further your knowledge and skills. Be open to taking advanced courses. It might allow you to offer better benefits to your clients.

Putting out money isn’t easy. Owners like to have profits; however, some expenses could be worth it. Invest in things that gain your business and improve your production.

Business Health & Wellness

Tips to Reduce Office Sick Days

Many illnesses, like the common cold and influenza, are contagious. In an ideal world, employees would not come to work if they are not feeling healthy. However, many people cannot afford to take sick days. Luckily, there are measures an office space can take to prevent illnesses from spreading between employees.

Put Up Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are extremely versatile and can be put up in a variety of ways. For example, acrylic sneeze guards can be mounted on desks, hung from the ceiling, clipped onto cubical walls, or simply folded on top of any table-like flat surface. As the name implies, sneeze guards work by acting as a shield between the sneezer and whoever is behind the desk. Sneeze guards can also be used to prevent germs from coughs and some other airborne germs and bacteria from infecting others.

Since these barriers are made of plastic, they can be easily wiped down with antibacterial and germ-killing wipes and sprays. Try to clean these at least once a day to keep the office space as sanitary as possible.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Using hand sanitizers can kill up to 99% of germs on a person’s hands. Business owners would do well to keep hand sanitizer bottles or dispensers at various locations in the office. This can encourage employees to use it regularly throughout the day.

Also, encourage employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom, taking out the trash, or doing anything else that may spread germs and bacteria. Keeping hand sanitizer in bathrooms can also be helpful.

Wear Face Masks

Face masks can be used to slow the spread of airborne germs and bacteria. This makes it helpful in not only stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also the common cold, influenza, whooping cough, and tuberculosis. It can also help to prevent less serious symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing.

Masks, worn correctly, can stop the spread of airborne diseases by around 75%. When one person is sick in the office, it is not so important that everyone in the building wears a mask, so long as the ill person does. However, if an illness is “going around,” then employers should encourage all employees to wear masks to slow the spread.

No one likes getting sick. Taking these measures can help to reduce the chances that someone will get sick in the first place. They can also help to reduce the spread of various airborne symptoms and ailments.


5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Business

Technology has had a significant impact on the modern lives of people globally. In business, technology has revolutionized business operations such as computing, management, production, marketing, security, among many others. Regardless of your industry or process, technology facilitates the accessibility of information by customers based on their needs. These interactions with a company enhance good customer relations. Technology also enables staff members to work more efficiently and effectively. The following are some of the ways technology can improve your business.

Increase Your Productivity

The use of technology speeds up the production process in a company. It enables monitoring and analyzing how workers spend their time and introducing procedures to make the business’s system more efficient. Task management tools allow the business owner to remain on top of daily activities and responsibilities to prevent them from missing anything. Email management procedures facilitate staying on top of the business inbox. This ensures that the company owner answers every message and books relevant appointments with clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders.

Improve Flexibility

Communication with employees has significantly transformed in the last two decades. Several modern technologies make it possible to work away from the business premises. Technology facilitates a connection with your employees and colleagues at any given time, regardless of a person’s location. This improves the business’s flexibility to deal with queries efficiently and quickly. Convenient and reliable communication enhances teamwork across the entire company.

Better Customer Service

A business cannot succeed without customers. Therefore, using technology can improve customer service within the company. This increases sales, leading to more revenue. Using online platforms such as interactive websites, 24/7 customer service through social media, and online chat support services can distinguish your business from your competitors and help generate more profits.

Advanced Marketing

Proper marketing reaps many rewards in the long run. Technology can be used to improve and develop an effective marketing strategy, and can even optimize the crawl performance of your website to help with rankings.

Some software helps companies to formulate a marketing strategy that can be updated and shared with workers. Technology also enables a business to create eye-catching websites, as social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great channels for promoting a business. Email marketing is also a great marketing channel. It allows you to contact customers directly by offering updates, news, and new offers.

Technology Enhances a Company’s Safety

Previously, manual records caused many business issues due to the maintenance and storage of documents. However, modern technology, such as the application of cloud infrastructure Dallas-based, enables businesses to keep and maintain records safely and implement internally accessible systems. These systems are only accessible by the correct personnel. Encrypted passwords provide enhanced security levels, making it hard for computer hackers to access information. This also prevents leakage of internal and private information.

Technology has dramatically transformed the business world. It has changed every aspect of operations in every business, regardless of the industry. Using technology improves production and revenues due to the introduction of effective and reliable modern techniques. Modern technologies such as cloud backup services Dallas-located allow backup of a company’s data and applications.

Business Lifestyle

How To Be A True Leader

Being a leader is often one of the hardest jobs there is. It requires you to do more than just boss people around; it takes a lot of work and effort. You can’t assume things will just work out with you in charge. In fact, your job is to show, guide, and help others get those things done. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure you become a great leader.   

Listen To Others

Even though you may be the boss, that doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone else. Take the time to listen to what others have to say. It could be a new idea that’s outside of the box, or maybe even a way to speed up the process of how things are done. No matter whether you think it’s a bad idea or not, don’t shut others down. Open your mind to new ideas and possibilities.    

Be Fair 

It’s easy to want to crack the whip when you’re the person in charge, but that isn’t always necessary. Show the people around that you understand things don’t always go as planned and bad things can happen. Don’t yell or scream when your upset with someone, privately talk with them and see if you can work things out.  

Set The Example 

One of the most important things you can do as a leader is set the example for how things should be. If you work hard and do your job, you’ll find that those around you tend to do the same. Show others that you can aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. When it’s all hands on deck, make sure you’re right in the middle of helping get the job done. 

Communicate Everything  

Without communication, you’ll find that your leadership is nothing more than a scam. You won’t be able to lead people if they don’t what to do or what they’re following. Make sure everyone is on the same page with goals and standards. Executive leadership training could help you understand how to sharpen those communicating skills. 

Admit Mistakes 

Sometimes things won’t go as planned or as desired. It’s okay to admit to others that you messed up or didn’t take the best route possible. Being honest with those who are following you will help them understand you know you’re not perfect. You’ll gain their respect by doing this, but you’ll also teach them that honesty really is the best policy. 

While you may have a leadership position, that doesn’t mean you are a true leader. Be sure to work on these various points if you want to be one.