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How a Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help With Debt

According to statistics, most Americans have around $90,000 in debt. That’s a large number to get out from under, regardless of how hard you try. And while the debt itself is enough to deal with, it’s even more stressful when you have debt collectors constantly calling and employing methods that feel a great deal like bullying.

There may not be an easy fix to getting out of debt, but a consumer protection attorney can help you stand up against many of the headaches that come with it. Below are just a few examples.

Creditors have the right to try to get the money they loaned you back. However, there are rules about how they can go about doing it. For example, they can’t harass you, be disrespectful and call you names, or give your information to family or friends. They can’t threaten to put you in jail or threaten to sue you if they have no legal means to do so.

They also cannot call you at work if you’re not allowed to receive calls at work or if you’ve expressly told them not to call you at your job. If you’ve dealt with any of these situations or feel you have been bullied, harassed, or disrespected in any way, a consumer protection lawyer can help.

Credit Reporting
When a creditor reports your information to the credit bureaus, they have to do so with accurate information. No debts or judgments that belong to someone else can be reported on your file. They also cannot re-age your debts, meaning that they cannot move the dates so that it stays on your credit longer. Additionally, lenders are not supposed to pull your credit without your permission.

Keep an eye on your credit reports. If you find any information that does not belong to you, is reported inaccurately, or credit pulls you didn’t authorize, a consumer protection attorney can help.

Identity Theft
Unfortunately, there are many desperate people out there who will prey on others when they can – adults and children. This is where identity theft comes into play, and it’s a common thing. In fact, about one-third of Americans have faced identity theft at some point in their lives, or around 15 million every year.

Identity theft often leads to a great deal of trouble for the person whose identity has been stolen. Debts they have no clue exist are reported on their credit. They often get sued and have to deal with debt collection calls linked to transactions they’re not responsible for.

It’s a frustrating and completely stressful situation, but not a helpless one. If you’re dealing with financial blowback due to identity theft, you can put a stop to it with the help of a consumer protection lawyer.

Most consumer protection attorneys do not charge a consultation fee. In fact, many of them charge no legal fees at all unless they win your case for you. And often, their fees will be negotiated into whatever settlement you receive, meaning that nothing comes out of your pocket. If you find yourself under the stress of unfair debt practices, call a consumer protection lawyer as soon as possible to help relieve the burden – without the strain of additional debt.