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Benefits of Adding a Fountain to Your Pond

Having a water feature in your yard or neighborhood can be beautiful and relaxing. Maybe you enjoy walking to a community pond and watching the water push at the banks or observe a gorgeous fountain in the center. Did you know that geyser of water that’s so fun to watch also benefits the pond greatly? That’s right pond aerators and fountains are not only great visual spectacles, but they also have a number of benefits for the pond where they’re employed.

Pond Quality

First and foremost, adding in a fountain or aerator can help to improve the overall quality of the water in a pond. It helps to circulate the water and keep things moving as they would in a natural body, which keeps harmful bacteria from building up and polluting the water. It can also help to circulate any chemicals that may have been added to keep them from disturbing the optimal pH balance in the water.

Moving water has another benefit: it helps to keep algae at bay. Algae and fungus like to grow in stagnant pools and can seriously harm the ecosystem if they’re left unchecked. Some pond owners might spend hundreds of dollars a month on algaecides and other chemicals to keep the harmful microbiomes from growing. Adding a fountain can be a cheaper way to avoid an infestation naturally.

Animal Health

Stocked ponds are fun, but you also have to take extra measures to make sure the fish are happy and healthy. Installing an aerator is a great way to ensure the optimal health of any wildlife living in your pond because it adds more oxygen to the water. Sometimes when muck and weeds clog up the water, it can be difficult for fish to get the air they need, but an aerator solves this problem!

Having healthy fish and moving water is also a great way to cut down on the mosquito population. For one, mosquitos are like algae in the sense they tend to gravitate toward still water to lay their eggs and multiply. But even if they are buzzing around your active pond, having healthy fish to munch on them will keep their population low so they aren’t bothering you while you enjoy the outdoors.

Ponds are great water features for any space, but they do require some maintenance. Aerators and fountains both have benefits to the pond itself and the animals that live in it.