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4 Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Spectacular

Whether you’re looking for your first place or shopping around for furnished apartments, your home should feel like exactly what it is — your home! If you need ideas on how to make the place feel more incredible, here are some fun ways to add pizzazz to your apartment.

Try an Accent Wall

Since most apartments do not allow for painting, why not try some removable wallpaper on a single wall to create a bold accent? You can find nearly and color or pattern available online and in home improvement stores. If you’d prefer not to use temporary wallpaper, try using framed pictures, paintings, tapestries, clocks and other cool knick knacks on a single wall to create a super eye-catching accent.

Use a Few Bathroom Hacks

There are a lot of ways to take a simple bathroom to the next level, all on a budget! For example, adding a curved shower rod and using two identical shower curtains (or splitting a large one in half lengthwise) can make your tub feel positively elegant. Like temporary wallpaper, you can find peel-and-stick false stone and tiles to jazz up the side of the tub as well. Don’t forget to upgrade the toilet with a nicer seat, and never underestimate the power of decorative towels and a framed mirror.

Fix Up the Kitchen

An easy way to immediately spruce up any kitchen is to include plenty of greenery; whether you spring for a live potted herb garden in the windowsill or load up the tops of your cabinetry with fake flowers and draping plastic vines, plants add vigor and nature to any space. You can give your cabinets and refrigerator a simple facelift with a bit of temporary wallpaper (trimmed to size), or you can remove a few cabinet doors for a fun exposed effect in certain spots.

Try a DIY Home Theater

Ever wanted a theater in your living room? With a projector and a blank white wall, you’re nearly good to go! For a bit of added immersion, set up a mini bar complete with a novelty popcorn machine and display some of your favorite movie posters in nice frames. If you’ve got a slightly more liberal budget, go for an upgraded sound system or at least a decent soundbar.

No matter where you live, your place should feel like home. Upgrade your place with some of these fun hacks today!