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4 Common Health Issues Facing Veterans Today

Becoming a veteran is an excellent career, primarily if you are determined to serve and protect your country. However, like other jobs, it also comes with challenges. Albeit most veterans are fine with their social wellbeing and greatly enjoy the work, some suffer from various health-related issues. Some common health problems prone to veterans today include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Veterans’ traumatic brain injuries result from a major blow on the head or other body parts caused by explosion shocks or injuries mainly from assault. It can temporarily impair or alter the brain. The symptoms include dizziness, headaches, unconsciousness, irritability, memory loss, sleeping disorders, nausea, anxiety, seizure, insomnia and, poor balancing and coordination. The symptoms range from mild, moderate, severe, and more severe, also called penetration. The injury nature determines the level of severity. For instance, mild TBI injury causes a temporary mental state while severe damage leads to permanent disability or memory loss.


Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by direct or indirect exposure to asbestos. Asbestos moves to the internal organs through the lungs. It triggers an immune reaction at the mesothelioma that leads to tissue injury. The persistent injury turns into deadly mesothelioma cancer. Veterans depend on this cheap mineral due to its values like fireproof and heat resistance. Its uses include building ships, aircraft, and vehicles, such as constructing the ceiling, engine, and sleeping quarters of a navy ship. Initially, manufacturers did not disclose the negative impacts caused by asbestos. The problem led to the current number of veterans suffering from mesothelioma. Also, it takes 20-50 years to identify the symptoms. This website has excellent information on a mesothelioma treatment program and compensation procedures.


A myriad number of veterans suffer from depression after deployment. Due to combat exposure, they experience a negative impact due to the trajectory. They start to develop a feeling that interferes with their everyday activities. The symptoms include low moods, sleeping disorders, eating disorder, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, self-isolation, and intense sadness. Depression becomes severe at an old age, the reason why it is vital to seek medical assistance as early as possible. Also, substance use disorder (SUD) is another factor that causes depression in many veterans. An increasing number of rehabilitation centers and treatment programs have greatly helped to curb substance use disorder problems.

Chronic Pain

Most veterans experience pain in their arms, knees, neck, leg, back, or shoulders, especially after deployment. Chronic pain can occur due to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or post-trauma stress disorder (PTSD). Other causes may be sexual assault, car accidents, or disasters. Depending on the cause of injury, the pain can be severe or acute. Besides the medication methods, today, you will find a more comprehensive pain management program that not only focuses on reducing pain but also improves the lifestyle of a veteran.

Even though veteran jobs seem rewarding, they have a lot of challenges. The introduction of health care services has contributed to prevention, treatment, counseling, and educating veterans during and after their services. Veterans need to seek medical assistance in case they experience health complications.