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3 Ways to Help Boost Your Preschooler’s Learning

Watching your child grow from a toddler to an active and bubbly preschooler can be an exciting time. This can be the perfect time to teach your preschooler the basics of reading, writing, and math. Below are three ways to help your preschooler get a head start.  

1. Read to them

It’s been known for years that reading to your child from birth on, is beneficial in many ways. It can help early on with reading comprehension. It can even help them gain skills when it comes to writing. When they’re a little older, see if your child can tell you a story or relate a story to you, that you’ve read to them in the past. Fun characters and stories can be a great way to engage your child in learning.

2. Attend Pre-School

If there are pre-schools available in your area, you may want to see what programs they have to offer. Attending pre k Lexington MA can help to prepare your child for what it will be like when they go to Kindergarten. Many pre-schools teach the basics of reading, writing, and numbers, so your child can be one step ahead when they go to Kindergarten.

3. Make Everyday Activities Educational

Making a simple trip to the grocery store can be an educational one for your preschooler. Have them count the fruits and vegetables as they put them in the bag. See if they can read the weight on the scale as you weigh what they just chose. Taking a walk can be full of educational moments. Educate your child by identifying different plants, trees, animals and birds that you may see along your walk.

There are many ways to prepare your child for the big wide world. Whether you enroll them in pre-school or take on the role of an educator at home, your child can learn so much and thrive as they grow.