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What Are the Types of Round Windows?

There are three major types of round windows: the full circle, half-circle, and arch top. Neuffer can design a solution that works for your project and your budget. Round windows are an excellent choice whether you’re redecorating or building a new home. Whatever your project, experts can help you choose the right type of round window for your space.


If you’re planning to install curtains for your home, you should know about the benefits of quarter-round windows. They look like pie-shaped windows with an arch on one side. Quarter-round windows can look elegant and sophisticated with proper design and fabric selection. To choose the perfect curtain fabric for your home:

  1. Measure the length of the arch side of your window.
  2. Add six inches to the measurement to accommodate ruffles.
  3. Finally, cut the fabric to the required size.

Quarter-round windows add style and drama to your entrance door. They emphasize the visual appeal of large rectangular windows by emphasizing the symmetry of their design. Aside from being visually attractive, they also allow plenty of natural light. A quarter-round window is an excellent option for building a new house or remodeling an old one. These windows can also be used in addition to traditional square and rectangular windows to create a more exciting look.


Infinity round tops are an excellent choice for a more than half-round window. These windows can be custom-made to fit any opening and are available in various colors and configurations. In addition to being customizable, they are directly glazed for maximum strength and more extensive views. There are many benefits to choosing these windows over traditional half-round windows. Below are some of the main features that make these windows an excellent choice for any room.

Simonton has been manufacturing window systems since 1946. Their computer-controlled facility guarantees quality control. European extrusion engineers have designed the Simonton window system, which is durable and scratch-resistant, and it also has high thermal efficiency. Half-round windows are available for both new and existing units. They feature the same round top as traditional windows but have an extra spanning down to accommodate expansion. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can find the perfect window for your home.


What are the types of round windows? Unlike square or rectangular windows, these window styles let in natural light from different angles. However, these windows are expensive and are not as common as rectangular or square ones. Circular windows are made by a few manufacturers, making them harder to find. Depending on your budget and style preferences, you may choose to get only one round window or several. Here are some pros and cons of round windows.

The full-circle round window covers the entire range from top to bottom. This style is most commonly rounded, but you can also find half-circle or oval-shaped windows. They provide 180 degrees of light entry and are typically made of glass or wood. These windows can be placed in pairs or as stand-alone. Consider adding a decorative transom to your window for a unique appearance.

Arch top

Consider installing an arch-top around windows if you’re looking to add character and elegance to your home without breaking the bank. Arch windows are available in several configurations and have the largest price range of all window styles. Because of their numerous designs and affordable prices, you can install them at an affordable price. In addition, these windows add a charming touch to any room. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of installing arch windows in your home.

The price range for these windows varies depending on their size, style, and period. A typical window can cost anywhere from $775 to $9,800. The average price is around $1,750. You can add a decorative element to any room or outdoor area by purchasing a vintage arch top window. However, choosing the right piece to enhance your home’s appearance will take time and effort.