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Essential Items for Your Meeting With the Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve made the right decision if you’ve scheduled a meeting with a personal injury attorney. That specialist will help you make sense of your accident and determine who is at fault. You’ll need to take some items with you to ensure that you get the most out of your meeting. These are four things that are essential to your case:

An Account of the Incident

You’ll have to show up to your personal injury lawyer Denver-based specialist with a straight story about what happened to you. He or she will want to hear your account of the incident for evaluation purposes. It would be even better if you have witness statements you could use for your case. Anyone who may have seen what happened can add some validity to the account of events. 

Evidence About What Happened

Evidence is also a great thing to have when you visit the attorney. You’ll want to show the attorney any pictures you might have of automobile damage or damage to your body. He or she will also use that to help you solidify the judge’s decision and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Medical Documentation

You will need to bring any records you have from the doctor who participated in your incident. The attorney will need to see bills as well as diagnosis reports and treatment tactics. All of that information will be included in the final determination of the settlement request. 

Insurance Documentation

Bring the records from your insurance company that pertain to your case. You may want to show the attorney that you paid a certain fee to have your vehicle fixed, for example. He or she will need all this information for the settlement request. 

Work-Related Information

You can also bring documentation to show how much work you lost because of your injuries and treatment. All of that information will help the attorney determine what to request in your case. 

Auto Repair Bills

You should bring all the bills you received from people who did the work to restore your vehicle after the car accident if you had one. Compensatory damages will cover the funds you had to part with for that. 

Witness Names and Statements

Include the names of everyone who witnessed your accident so that the attorney can get in touch with them to include them in the case. They may be called upon to testify if the case makes it to court. Otherwise, you can submit their witness statements if they were kind enough to provide them for you. Every piece of the puzzle you bring to the consultation will help the provider assess your case more accurately. 

Now that you know what you need for your first meeting, you can better prepare yourself for the event. It’s well worth contacting an attorney about your case. Don’t skip any of those items because they’re all crucial to your success. You may find that you are 100 percent eligible for representation for your case at no cost to you.