Best Breeds for Police Dogs

Police dogs must be disciplined and sturdy, not just any breed will suffice. Intelligence and a heightened sense of smell are important considerations for police dogs working in narcotics and search and rescue positions. Below are a few breeds that typically work well on a police force.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors have a great sense of smell and have been trusted hunting partners for years. Though known as sweet companions, labs can also make an excellent addition to any police force. Labradors excel especially when it comes to narcotics where their keen sense of smell assists their human counterparts in finding hidden drugs. Additionally, because of their sweet nature, labs make excellent front-line military dogs providing companionship and loyalty to soldiers.

2. German Shepherds

German Shepherds have long been a favorite breed of police forces. German Shepherd puppies Miami are easily trained and extraordinarily loyal and work as excellent partners with humans. Traditionally, German Shepherds have been herding dogs and are also gifted identifiers of predators, therefore making them excellent police dogs.

3. Belgian Malinois

These dogs are a smaller cousin to the German Shepherd, sharing similar qualities to their larger cousin breed. Those similarities make the Belgian Malinois an excellent choice in a police dog. Intelligence coupled with loyalty gives this breed the edge it needs to provide excellent service on any police force.

4. Bloodhound

As the name suggests, bloodhounds can easily track down any scent you need them to trace. For search and rescues, bloodhounds are your dog. They can track scents for miles. Whether you are looking to track down a lost victim or a suspect on the run, the bloodhound has you covered.

5. Beagle

Though small in stature, beagles have been another favorite hunting partner for eons. They have an excellent sniffing ability and assist police with work in narcotics in areas such as airports and border zones. Beagles also boast friendly personalities and work well with human partners. 

6. Rottweilers

Rottweilers can intimidate even the boldest of suspects with their large build. It helps that they are also a very intelligent breed that is generally shy around strangers but extremely friendly with familiar faces.

There are several canine options that work well with police forces. Determining your force’s needs will guide you in the right direction when selecting the breed that will work best for the task at hand. Intelligence, training ability, loyalty and sense of smell are all important factors to consider before making this important decision.