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Benefits of Hiring Bail Bond Agents

If your friend or family member gets arrested, they do not have to stay in jail till their hearing date. Most accused offenders get released through a cash bail bond to prep for trial while at their homes. Most people who lack enough money to bail out loved ones rely on bail bond agents to help them secure the amount needed to pay the court. Here are a few ways you stand to benefit by hiring a bail bond agent. 

Helps Get a Loved One a Home

In certain situations, some people do not have to post bail to be released from jail. However, those are the exceptions qualifying for release on their recognizance. Some common reasons for one to be eligible for their recognizance include:

  • The criminal history is not bad.
  • They are not a flight risk.
  • The offense was not violent.
  • They do not pose a danger to others or themselves.

Unfortunately, if your loved one does not qualify for OR, you have to pay a hefty fee to get them out of jail, which most people do not have. A bail bond agent can help provide the money, ensuring that your loved one can go home as they await trial or find evidence for their case.

Protecting Your Money and Assets

If you do not have enough cash to post bail, you may have to liquidate some of your assets or refinance your mortgage. You will have to make complicated financial decisions for your loved one to be released. You also have to factor in the amount of money you might need to pay a defense lawyer. Even with all these, a loved one may fail to show up in court, leading to you losing your money. However, by hiring a bond agent, you reduce the financial strain on your back and protect your assets at the same time. 

Keep Your Financial Issues Private 

Even when you can post full bail, if the amount is big, there will be questions about how you were able to raise such an amount in a short time. It becomes a bigger issue if you are a suspect in the investigation. Hiring bail bond agents help keep your financial matters private. The bail bond agent pays all the money, and so no one will bother to investigate your financials. 

They Are Experienced and Knowledgeable

 A bail agent will not just give you a check and bid you goodbye. During the whole bail process, they will help you as they are knowledgeable and experienced. If you have any questions about bail posting, they will answer. Most importantly, they do the paperwork for you, which no one really loves. 

They Take responsibility

When you post bail for your loved one, you must ensure they follow all the laid rules until the day of the hearing. However, when you use a bail bond agent, they take that responsibility and risk.

Even though it may look simple to try and handle these situations by yourself, there are many benefits to hiring a bail bond agent. They make the whole process easier and reduce a significant financial burden. Having a loved one in jail is already hard enough. If there is a way of easing that burden, you should take it.