What You Should Know About Accessibility for Commercial Buildings

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines, in Title III, how public and commercial buildings must be designed to be considered accessible to people with disabilities. Because non-compliance can result in lawsuits and lost business, it’s crucial to understand your part in this and what you can do to ensure accessibility.

Who Will Be Held Liable?

One of the most common questions that business owners ask about the ADA is where legal responsibility lies between them and the landlord that owns the building. The short answer is that, broadly, both parties do. In practice, the details are often determined case-by-case, with the Department of Justice holding final say. As a rule of thumb, though, the tenant holds sole responsibility for operational issues with the business, while the landlord is responsible for the entryway, parking areas and other public spaces not directly leased by the tenant. Also, if the contract includes any clauses stating that the tenant is responsible for all legal infractions, the DoJ is not obligated to heed them—they only hold in cases between the tenant and landlord.

What Accessibility Features are Required?

While state and local building codes may influence the details, there are a number of points that federal law requires for commercial buildings. If the tenant replaces or alters any ramps, railings, signs or stainless steel doors New York, they must ensure that they remain compliant. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Doorways should be at least 32 inches wide and have sufficient space for someone using a mobility device to operate the door and pass through. Automatic doors can be useful—if the controls are functional and accessible—but aren’t mandatory.
  • Ramps must be available as necessary. These ramps cannot be steeper than 1:12, with possible exceptions for pre-existing ramps where space is limited. Also, all ramps and stairs must have handrails on both sides, continuous with the length of the fixture.
  • For moving between floors, an accessible elevator with room for mobility devices is required.
  • Signs should have sufficient contrast, both visual and tactile, between touchable lettering and the background. Non-temporary signs must have Braille text as well.
  • Bathrooms require accessible stalls with clear floor space. A designated accessible stall needs at least 30 inches by 48 inches of clear space for wheelchair users.
  • Drinking fountains, if present, must have spouts no more than 36 inches above the ground, at least 15 inches from the support and at most 5 inches from the front of the fixture.

For further details, consult the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

By staying informed and keeping track of design changes to the building, both tenants and landlords can ensure that it remains accessible to all.


Things You Might Find at a Gala Party or Ball

If you’ve ever attended a black-tie gala or another kind of elegant party, you might wonder about all the work that goes into setting it up. People have these kinds of parties to celebrate award ceremonies, to have a fundraiser, or to host an auction. There are many other reasons why people hold these elegant celebrations. When many people attend a ball, the host has to enlist the help of many kinds of people. Especially during events that deal with raising funds or charity auctions, some items need to be protected while the party goes on. Many hands go into the preparation of these kinds of parties.

Hire Some Security

When a person hosts an upscale ball or black-tie party, they need to consult the help of security professionals. During parties that include auctions or other fundraising activities, there could be valuable items in the building that need to be protected from theft. Having a security force at a gala party can not only protect the goods for sale, but they can help protect people from hurting themselves as well. When security professionals attend black tie events, they may need to wear some concealed carry dress clothes.

Call a Caterer

Most elegant parties include a meal of some sort. When many people attend an event, it helps to consult the assistance of a professional caterer. Catering specialists not only prepare food for events, but they can provide the packaging and utensils to eat with. When the party is held at a venue that doesn’t have its own kitchen, a catering company can come in and provide exactly what’s needed to feed the group.

Set Up a Bar

Large parties usually involve serving cocktails to guests. Black tie galas and other elegant events are almost synonymous with beverage service. People usually like to have a few drinks when they attend a party. Hiring a bartender to mix and serve beverages to the guests makes the experience much more enjoyable. The service can either be for an open bar, or guests can pay for each drink they order. If the party is already having a catered meal, then having a bar is nearly mandatory.

These are just a few of the kinds of professionals that might be found at a gala party or other elegant event. Next time you attend a black-tie party, you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into setting it all up.



6 Expenses Business Owners Should Accept

Are you looking at the books, wondering if you’re spending money wisely? Business owners have the unfortunate task of questioning whether expenses are too high and then determining what to trim. Weigh carefully the benefit of the service you are receiving. The following are six things that could be worth the cost.

1. Online Marketing

People are online throughout their day, and it’s one of the first places they look for help. That thick yellow phone book isn’t sitting around anywhere waiting to be opened. Instead, customers are likely to make use of search engines to locate someone to complete work. Online marketing could gain you more exposure. In addition, consider working with a content writer to produce SEO content that could draw people to your website.

2. Good Equipment

Reliable, well-built equipment may cost you money, but it could save you in the long run. It is less likely to break down, and it is more likely to be efficient and reliable. That’s why you should consider putting funds towards good equipment.

For instance, if your company performs utility work, you want a valve maintenance system to handle the rough sewer terrain. When you’re on-site, you don’t want something to fail.

3. Solid Insurance Plans

Accidents happen, and Mother Nature is unpredictable. During these challenging times, insurance could be a lifeline to keep your company open. Work with an insurance agent to determine what type of coverage is best for your operation.

4. An Accountant

Many people are not numbers people. For these owners, the account books may become stressful and hard to maintain. An accountant understands finances and the tax codes, providing you with experience and accurate records. Hiring this person could alleviate tension and free you up to do other tasks.

5. Branding

Look professional with office attire and materials that reflect your image and hard work. What people see could impact whether they hire you and how well they may trust you. Be sure that staff has a consistent dress, showing your company name. In addition, have letterhead and products for customers to have, reminding them of your business.

6. Continuing Education

Extra classes and tests cost money, but they also allow you to further your knowledge and skills. Be open to taking advanced courses. It might allow you to offer better benefits to your clients.

Putting out money isn’t easy. Owners like to have profits; however, some expenses could be worth it. Invest in things that gain your business and improve your production.

Government and Law

How To Work Through Your DUI Conviction

If you recently were arrested and convicted of a DUI, then you are now trying to find a way to move forward appropriately. A first offense may not have incurred time in jail. Instead, you may find yourself with a record and several things on your to-do list to ensure you don’t end up there later on. You cannot ignore your record, and you should not ignore any orders. Instead, it’s important to do the following four things.

1. Stay in Touch With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer may not have been able to erase the DUI, but you are at least out in society and not in a jail cell. This person is still valuable during your probationary period, so be sure to maintain communication with him or her. Get advice about how long it lasts on your record and what you can do to show better character.

Ask about what you may and may not do, and if you have questions about your plans or choices, consult your legal firm first. Forgiveness may not be on the table if you are caught breaking the law or probationary expectations.

2. Follow the Judges Order

When you were released, the judge probably issued several conditions. Read through them. Know them. Do them. For instance, the officials most likely mandated courses about the danger of substances. Enroll immediately. If you would prefer something online to have a bit more privacy, research online drug and alcohol course to find one that is certified and readily available.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Right now, you may want to skip on any parties that involve drugs or excessive drinking. The temptation could be too much, and the environment may lead you to join in. Probationary officers are keeping tabs on your choices and getting intoxicated is not one that they want to see.

Look for alternative sources of fun, and find a group of friends that doesn’t need a substance to have a good time.

4. Put Yourself To Work

Show good faith for the community by completing community service or working hard at your job. The judge and your probationary officer may see these are good signs that you are trying to improve society, not hurt it. 

A DUI conviction doesn’t have to mean your life is over. It is a time to step up and show who you are and make good choices. Do things that don’t involve alcohol and drugs and follow the court orders.

Health & Wellness

6 Ways To Reduce Your Waistline Without Invasive Surgery

Are you missing ready to get trim? Are you looking to reboot your body? Weight loss is a goal for many people, especially as they age. Metabolisms shift, and it becomes exceedingly harder to maintain a figure. There are ways to get yourself on the right track. Try one of the following things to get started.

1. Eliminate Sugar

Sugar occurs naturally and is also heavily added to other foods. While it tastes good, it could be a major contributor to your weight gain. The body stores sugar differently than other nutrients; in fact, this ingredient may assist in fat development and storage. To see a quicker weight loss, don’t just reduce it; eliminate it. The metabolism is likely to increase, and your body could burn more calories.

2. Improve Hydration

Stomach growls don’t just pertain to hunger. Sometimes, it is a cue that the acid in your stomach is too high or that you may need more water. Rather than reaching for a few crackers, try drinking some water first. It may help fill up the tummy. Then, if you’re hungry, munch on a low fat, nutritious food such as an apple.

3. Introduce High Fiber

The body uses fiber to reduce hunger sensations and flush out the colon of toxins. Fat, especially soluble fat, clings to fiber, leaving the body through the bowels. Daily movements, then, are important in assisting weight reduction. 

Be sure to eat several things throughout the days that contain whole grains. Brown ride, wheat bread and vegetables are good choices.

4. Boost Your Morale

Sometimes you may feel lost, especially if the scale hasn’t budged in a while. If that is the case, your mentality could be preventing you from making progress. You have to shift your mindset to achieve your physical goals.

Do this in several ways. You may seek help from a plastic surgeon to perform nonsurgical fat reduction treatment Virginia Beach.

5. Add an Exercise Routine

Working out regularly may allow the body to feel and work better. Strive to fit in some cardio at least a few days a week. Try and keep it at the same time each day.

6. Try Supplements

Discuss with your doctor any supplements that might speed up calorie reduction. Some products rev up the metabolism and boost energy levels, helping you work out more and drop pounds. 

Weight loss isn’t easy. Develop a goal and set a plan. Keep in mind that you may require several different things to help get you to the finish line.

Government and Law

Benefits of Hiring Bail Bond Agents

If your friend or family member gets arrested, they do not have to stay in jail till their hearing date. Most accused offenders get released through a cash bail bond to prep for trial while at their homes. Most people who lack enough money to bail out loved ones rely on bail bond agents to help them secure the amount needed to pay the court. Here are a few ways you stand to benefit by hiring a bail bond agent. 

Helps Get a Loved One a Home

In certain situations, some people do not have to post bail to be released from jail. However, those are the exceptions qualifying for release on their recognizance. Some common reasons for one to be eligible for their recognizance include:

  • The criminal history is not bad.
  • They are not a flight risk.
  • The offense was not violent.
  • They do not pose a danger to others or themselves.

Unfortunately, if your loved one does not qualify for OR, you have to pay a hefty fee to get them out of jail, which most people do not have. A bail bond agent can help provide the money, ensuring that your loved one can go home as they await trial or find evidence for their case.

Protecting Your Money and Assets

If you do not have enough cash to post bail, you may have to liquidate some of your assets or refinance your mortgage. You will have to make complicated financial decisions for your loved one to be released. You also have to factor in the amount of money you might need to pay a defense lawyer. Even with all these, a loved one may fail to show up in court, leading to you losing your money. However, by hiring a bond agent, you reduce the financial strain on your back and protect your assets at the same time. 

Keep Your Financial Issues Private 

Even when you can post full bail, if the amount is big, there will be questions about how you were able to raise such an amount in a short time. It becomes a bigger issue if you are a suspect in the investigation. Hiring bail bond agents help keep your financial matters private. The bail bond agent pays all the money, and so no one will bother to investigate your financials. 

They Are Experienced and Knowledgeable

 A bail agent will not just give you a check and bid you goodbye. During the whole bail process, they will help you as they are knowledgeable and experienced. If you have any questions about bail posting, they will answer. Most importantly, they do the paperwork for you, which no one really loves. 

They Take responsibility

When you post bail for your loved one, you must ensure they follow all the laid rules until the day of the hearing. However, when you use a bail bond agent, they take that responsibility and risk.

Even though it may look simple to try and handle these situations by yourself, there are many benefits to hiring a bail bond agent. They make the whole process easier and reduce a significant financial burden. Having a loved one in jail is already hard enough. If there is a way of easing that burden, you should take it.


Safety Tips for Smart Gun Ownership

Are you interested in learning more about being a safe gun owner? Many people own and shoot firearms for a variety of purposes. People can go their whole lives without ever having an accident with a firearm. If you want to purchase your first firearm, then you want to make sure you get all the right education beforehand. Guns are weapons first and foremost, so you must handle them with the right amount of caution.

Get the Right Equipment

When you’re ready to make your first gun purchase, you want to take the time to research the exact make and model that you want. Take into consideration where you’ll want to shoot the weapon and what kind of targets you’ll aim for. Make sure that the gun you buy fits well in your hand and is easy to carry in a holster or carry case. Choose the right caliber ammunition for the type of shooting you’re wanting to do. It’s a good idea to consult with a service that offers the correct firearm supplies Canada.

Learn How To Properly Shoot

Once you purchase a gun, you’ll want to learn how to correctly shoot it. If it’s your very first time handling a firearm, then it’s a good idea to consult with a shooting instructor. Many shooting ranges offer classes for first-time gun owners. Experienced marksmen can help people use the right stance and posture for shooting, how to safely hold the weapon, and how to shoot a target with accuracy. Learning how to handle your gun from an experienced shooter can help you avoid any accidents due to a lack of education.

Practice Safe Storage Tactics

After you’ve chosen the weapon you want to buy and have learned how to correctly handle it, you’ll need to find a safe method to store the firearm. If you live in a house with small children, then you will need to put your weapon somewhere out of reach. Using trigger locks and locking gun safes are the best ways to ensure your little ones don’t come across deadly weapons. It’s also a smart idea to get a  travel case for your gun so you can comfortably transport it from your house to the shooting range or hunting excursion.

There are many aspects involved in being a safe gun owner. Practicing vigilance and doing thorough research ahead of time will help you avoid potential disasters.


Driving Refreshers for Commercial Drivers

As a commercial truck driver, you’ve been trained for every situation you encounter on the highway. It takes talent to maneuver a big rig through traffic and sometimes less-than-perfect driving conditions and still make your deadline. However, no matter how experienced you are, it’s good to review the basics. Here are several driving refreshers for CDL holders. 

Don’t Drive Impaired

When you hear about impaired driving, you automatically think of alcohol and drugs. However, that’s not the only way you can become debilitated while driving. If you’re sick or you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re a driving risk. Even certain medications make you drowsy when you’re behind the wheel. To stay safe, make sure you always get enough rest and you’re in good health.

Drive Defensively

What does it mean to drive defensively? Defensive driving is employing skills and strategies to defend yourself against car accidents. You need to be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles at all times. Check your mirrors every few seconds and know where your blind spots are. Also, be sure you have enough time to react to other drivers.

If you come across a work zone, watch for lowered speed limits and be prepared to stop. In the unfortunate event that you’re ticketed, get help from a CDL traffic attorney to keep your license in good standing.

Prepare Your Route Ahead of Time

The worst thing you can do before a journey is not preparing. Always know what the weather forecast is for your entire trip. This helps you plan for storms ahead of time. Next, stay on top of traffic updates for your projected route so you can avoid congested areas. Last, if you’re traveling to a new location, map it out ahead of time.

Nix Common Distractions

Simple distractions are to blame for far too many accidents. When you’re driving a commercial truck (or any vehicle for that matter), it’s important to stay focused. Never use a cellphone while driving and keep both hands planted on the wheel. Keep your radio down to a normal level especially when driving through heavy traffic. Always program your GPS before you leave and not while you’re driving and if you’re feeling drowsy, get off the road.

It takes great skill to be in command of a commercial vehicle, but it never hurts to review common-sense safety practices. By driving defensively and undistracted, you’ll keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Health & Wellness

3 Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Home

Many individuals view their homes as a sanctuary, a place to relax and escape from the increasing pressures and demands from the world in which they live. Whether it be eating, sleeping or working, a fair portion of an individual’s life is often spent at home. Therefore, it is important that a house is properly equipped to handle any potential dangers that may arise. Homeowners may find it beneficial to implement safety measures that can detect hazards regardless of one’s occupancy within the home.

Fire Safety Precaution

House fires can break out at any moment without warning for a variety of reasons. Safety measures that can assist in both detecting potential fires and in minimizing damages are integral to the safety of one’s home. The use of smoke detectors is one way in which an individual can be alerted to the presence of smoke. Given that smoke is known to accompany fire, these devices can draw attention to an emergent situation. Sprinkler systems may also be an excellent way to aid in preventing the spread of a fire. Combating a fire in its early stages with the use of water may lessen the likelihood that a fire is able to grow. Using fire sprinkler systems New York can create ease of mind.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Carbon monoxide, infamously known as the silent killer, is very difficult for an individual to detect due to its nonexistent odor, taste and color. Carbon monoxide detectors are useful in alerting homeowners to the presence of these dangerous gases and allowing them to evacuate the premises in a timely manner. These devices can identify ventilation blockages in cooling systems, improper function of gas-run appliances and incorrectly stored motorized equipment.

Burglary Deterrence

Burglars are constantly looking to identify homes that they believe are easy targets. Alarm systems, heavily bolted doors and windows and high wattage lighting are simple ways that an individual can prevent a potential break-in. The use of an alarm system will not only alert the homeowner to the presence of unwanted visitors but will alert the local authorities as well. Securing entryways to one’s home can decrease a burglar’s ability to gain access to the home, providing an added layer of protection. Meanwhile, the use of bright lights minimizes a burglar’s ability to stealthily move around without risk of exposure.

Individuals should identify the potential risks that their home may be exposed to and implement any needed safety measures.

Government and Law

What is Aggravated Assault?

Aggravated assault refers to the attempt to cause actual bodily harm to someone without regard for their life. The factors considered when accounting for an aggravated assault charge include the status of the assault’s victim, using a deadly weapon, degree of injury resulting from the action, and the perpetrator’s intentions, such as intentions to murder or rape.  

 Aggravated assault charges are serious charges, and they carry both state and federal charges. Most states recognize the charge as a felony that is punishable by serving a prison sentence, fines, restitution, community service, and counseling. Other states have different standards for defining the charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the intent and impact of the aggravated assault. However, these charges can leave a long-lasting criminal record on the individual, especially when they fail to involve a lawyer specialized in aggravated assault cases. 

What are Some Actions That Can Lead to An Aggravated Assault Charge?

Some actions can lead to someone being charged with aggravated assault. Some of these actions include:

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Using a deadly weapon during an assault counts as an aggravated assault. In a basic assault, the perpetrator is charged regardless of whether they caused physical harm to the victim. The charges stick regardless of whether the weapon results in physical harm or injury to the victim. It can simply be a result of certain behavior that threatens the safety of the victim.

When the perpetrator engages in such an activity threatening the victim’s safety while using a deadly weapon, it automatically qualifies as an aggravated assault. The fear resulting from the perpetrator’s behavior threatens the victim, leading to fear of grievous harm. 

The weapons, in this case, are weapons that can result in serious injury or death, such as guns. Other weapons can be included depending on how the perpetrator used or handled them during the assault. Here, we could use a pocket knife. Normally, a pocket knife is not deemed a lethal weapon. However, if, during the assault, it helped the assault victim’s vital organs helps such as the neck, it is deemed deadly. Such an offense automatically qualifies as an aggravated assault.

Victim’s Identity

At times, the victim’s identity of an assault can result in the assault being deemed aggravated. Many states recognize an assault on a firefighter, police officer, and in some cases, teachers, as an aggravated assault. However, this typically applies if the victim was in their line of duty when the assault happened, and the perpetrator knows the victim’s status. 

It is worth noting that during the trial, the assault of certain professionals may include hate crime charges. It can be based on race, nationality (originating from another country), ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

Degree of Injury

An aggravated assault charge can be brought forth depending on the degree of injuries caused by the assault. The majority of assaults resulting in bodily harm are charged as aggravated assault cases. Although the degree of injuries varies from case to case, any injuries that pose a threat to the victim’s life or those that disfigure or maim the victim automatically qualify to be an aggravated assault. Different states have different methods of defining the degree of injury. In some states, life-threatening injuries might qualify for attempted homicide. Besides, sexual assaults may also qualify as aggravated assault, depending on the state. 

Final Thoughts

Aggravated assault charges are serious charges that involve actions that lead to actual bodily harm with disregard to human life. In some instances, using deadly weapons qualifies as an aggravated assault depending on how the weapon was used. It is important to seek the services of a qualified criminal lawyer to help you determine the extent of the charge or get some help with the case.